Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday Afternoon Wish List

Today is Saturday
The weather is quite miserable
I'm full of cold and refusing to move from the sofa all day
Pay day is just way too far away for my liking

These are just a few hard facts about how I'm feeling today and I thought I should share...because I'm kind like that!

To cheer myself up, I thought I'd have a little bit of an internet browse and imaginarilly treat myself to lots of goodies my bank account just won't let me have in "real - life".

Shopping List:

A New Camera
Until I started blogging recently, this would never have featured on my list of shopping searches, let alone be up there at the top of my wish list.  But times have changed and I really want to be able to take some pretty pictures.  And I reckon this little beauty would do the job quite nicely.

Canon EOS 600D 18MP Digital DSLR with 18-55mm Lens in Black.

Don't get me wrong, my iPhone has helped me out so far, and if I'm honest I've had some quite good snaps from it, but I think it's time I moved on now, and invested in some proper 'tools of the trade'.

I won't ever pretend to be technically savvy - I'm really not.  I chose this camera simply because I liked the look of it and it sounded quite impressive in the info video.  Yep I'm one of those shoppers I'm afraid.  If it looks good and sounds good - I'm sold!
The £399 price tag that goes with it, isn't that pretty though, but I figured the video option would be brilliant for "family life", so having it could be viewed as a bit of an investment... have I convinced anyone yet...??

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that The Birthday Fairy feels especially generous, happy and kind come December.

A Beautiful Satchel
I love handbags, clutch bags, tote bags - bags of any kind really.  When the satchel became the "in" fashion item to have, I decided I really wanted to have one.  My real budget is very high-street (nothing wrong with that at all), but seeing as I'm pretend shopping today, I've upped my allowance a little, and headed on over to Zatchels.
I've fallen in lust with this little beauty from their Junkyard Collection

Distressed Brown Satchel

Zatchels have a large range of different style bags.  From Saddle Bags to Duffel Bags, each one is hand made to a very high standard to the customers individual specification.  The bags take about 3 weeks to produce from start to delivery, so a lot of TLC obviously goes into each one.

You can really see why the price tag for this beautiful satchel is £122.

A Winter Coat
I'm not a fan of being cold at all, in fact, I hate it.  So I really need to invest in a warm coat this year - one that's going to keep me toasty, especially when I'm dodging snowballs from the kiddies at work!
This number from River Island is perfect.

Khaki Fur Trimmed Parka

The colour will go with everything.  It's practical - it has an all important hood - drowned rat look is NOT the one - and it looks lovely and warm, as well as being pritty stylish.  It has a £90 price tag, which isn't too bad for a winter coat.
I may even make this "Pretend Shop" item my first reality purchase.

Biker Boots
Winter is inevitably around the corner, and me and soggy feet do not get along.  However, I'm not known for my practicality when it comes to shoes, so this year I need to be prepared.

I've wanted to invest in a nice pair of chunky biker boots for a few years now, but have never got around to it.
I was browsing the Office website and came across these lovelies from Rocket Dog

"Bang" Boot

They are black, so will go with everything, they are chunky, but not too chunky that I'll look like a clown plodding about and are fairly plain - I love em.
At £65, I think these could be going on my reality shopping list too...!

Leather Jacket
I've wanted a really nice leather jacket for ages now, but I've never found the justification to spend such a huge chunk of cash on one thing.

I know that when I do buy one though, it will be money very well spent, because I'll just wear it to absolute death.

I love love love this one that I found on The All Saints website.

It's black, has padded detailing, a zip, and would go with everything.
It's just beautiful and I adore it

Walker Leather Biker Jacket

It's a tad (!!) pricey though at £358... I wonder just how generous that Birthday Fairy will be feeling this year...

And I think that's about it, I'm done with shopping for today.  Even Pretend Shopping is a tad exhausting.

I've got my fingers crossed for my Birthday though...


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