Friday, 18 October 2013

Happy #Bloggoween

Obviously with me having an almost eight year old son, Halloween is a big part of the year in our household.

The house gets decorated; costumes and make up are deliberated upon for weeks; if we're lucky, there may be a party to attend, but there is always, always ALWAYS some trick-or-treating planned.

I have to admit though, I usually leave things until the last minute, but this year, with the arrival of my blog and #BLOGOWEEN, I simply had to be a little more organised than usual, and it's proven to be fantastic.

I tend to keep hold of the decorations I have year after year, but always add to my collection once I see the fantastic shop displays each year.  There are some real bargains to be found too - I don't see the point in spending lots of cash on things that are designed mainly just for one day/night and are then taken down and put away, to be forgotten about for the next twelve months.

And this is why I love The Pound Shop.

I was having a little bit of a mooch around a few weeks ago and came across an isle crammed full of Halloween bits and bobs.
From full on costumes, to home decorations, to party favours to bags and bags of sweets - they had the lot.

Everything was really reasonably priced too - obviously £1 - so adding a few items to the basket didn't break the bank.

I came home with a few extra decorations for my living room; a plastic, bloody chain saw and severed bloody hand (boys will be boys!!); a plastic goblet and beaker, which will be perfect to enjoy my Halloween Punch from, and some Halloween cupcake cases.

I never need much of an excuse to get my apron on and whip up a batch of buns, and Halloween will be a perfect excuse to use some crazy food colouring and create some green, red and purple cakey treats..

I found this recipe for a non-alcoholic punch on the BBC Food Website, and just know its going to go down a storm in my house.

It could easily be adapted for the grown-ups too, but adding your spirit of choice (vodka, gin etc), but I'm sticking with this juice, child-friendly version...for the time being... :)

  • 500ml Cranberry Juice
  • 1.5 liters Lemonade
  • Juice of 3 limes
  • Gummy Worms
  • Pour all ingredients into a large bowl and mix well
  • Drape the gummy worms over the edge of the bowl
**Spooky Tip**
~ Rinse out a rubber glove and turn it inside out, fill with water and secure the top with an elastic band.  Freeze until solid and the turn out the frozen "hand" into the punch ~

I love the spooky tip - it's such a simple idea, but kiddies are bound to love it.

It seems every supermarket is jumping on the Halloween bandwagon, because I also found a lot of bargains this week at my local Lidl

They had Halloween party supplies; a wide range of costumes and homey decorations, as well as a whole range of Halloween themed things to eat - they even had dried pasta (for a very cheap 99p!)
Halloween for tea anyone!

So that's the decorations sorted out, the punch and Halloween Cupcakes accounted for.

Good Stuff.

I also heard about a brill Halloween giveaway competition being held by Alex And Alexa, where you can win a whole load of Halloween party goodies, simply by being "Halloween Creative" with fruit.
Unfortunately I haven't managed to get my entry sorted in time to include in this post - but the competition runs until October 24th - so check them out!

I'm a little sad that there won't be an opportunity for the adults to get dressed up this year, and it's something I've come to realise that I do really enjoy.

A few years ago, we went to a family Halloween party and I went all out with some white and black face paints, a tube of fake blood and a set of plastic teeth.

My poor hair was backcombed and hair-sprayed to within an inch of it's life too, but I was pleased with the overall look.
It was fab night.

But this year, with no party on the cards for me (sob!), there will obviously still be the obligatory pumpkin carving going on, and searching for a child's costume is an absolute must.

Not only will one be needed for some traditional trick-or-treating, but there's a school Halloween disco for my son to be attending too.

I always find supermarkets a good place to start looking - they are so cheap and offer a really wide range.

My first stop - George at Asda.
And luckily, as they have such a good range of costumes, all reasonably priced, it seems my search can stop with them (thankfully!).

I usually prefer costumes that don't have a mask included with them, because I think it's a little bit of a cop out when there's no effort put into the make-up side of Halloween, but I just know my son will love their offerings.
The American Rugby Player will be in the running as his first choice because he is such a huge rugby fan, but I think the horrible clown costume could sway him slightly - simply because he knows how much I can not stand clowns - I hate them - almost as much as I hate spiders.
And that is a lot!

And for him to have a costume that will terrify Mum - ooooh it will be too much of a fantastic opportunity to pass up...
Little Monster

But as long as he enjoys himself, I'm sure I can hold it together for one night...

Happy Halloween...or #Bloggoween...everyone - I hope you have fun!

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  1. Thanks everyone! Halloween's fab! I think everyone needs to get on bored and make it as big as it is in America! :)


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