Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

So it's Halloween today, and at the moment it's not raining - thank goodness - let's hope it stays that way for the Halloweening later tonight.

I'm definitely a little bit of an over-protective Mum and don't condone any sort of talking to strangers...but how do you tell a seven year old boy that he can't go trick-or-treating?

It's just not possible.
So adult supervision at all times is the way to go.
Plus, when it gets too cold, I usually slyly suggest going home for a warm drink and a "midnight feast" - it works a treat!

This year my little darling has decided to be a werewolf.

He's not too keen on the wolfs head mask because it has a cushion on the inside which 'puffs up' the height of the head, and makes it look massive.

I think he looks fab...but then again, I always do.  :)

I decorated my house this year too and my living room has been all "Halloweened-Up" for a few days now.

  I think I went a little overboard adding to last years meager pile of decorations, and I'm putting the blame down to my participation in #Bloggoween.
Researching Halloween weeks before the actual day made me want to go out and buy everything that I saw.

I'm not complaining though, everything was really cheap - I even managed  to pick a few things up in Halloween sales too, and it can all be stored away and be used again next year.

We have of course carried out the obligatory pumpkin carving too.

My son designed this one, and loved helping to scoop out the pumpkin seeds...with his hands...squishing it all over and threatening to wipe it over me.

Fun Stuff.

I carved the detail out because he had naturally found something way more entertaining to do at this point...but I was very "helpfully" helped by one of my crazy cats!

So I think it looks as though we are all set for another fun Halloween:

Pumpkin is done
Costume is sorted
Scary background music CD is playing
(10p in the B&M sale!!)

And lots & lots of sweets are all ready & waiting


Happy Halloween Everyone


  1. I am so jealous that you guys got to carve pumpkins ): I have never done it but I really want to! great post (:


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