Monday, 28 October 2013

Lush: Big Blue

I made a little confession recently - I have never, ever used a bath bomb before.

Now, whilst this may not be the news flash of the century, after reading lots of lovely blogs, bath bombs, and in particular, bath bombs from Lush seem to be a firm favourite among bloggers.

Hence, my slight embarrassment at never having used one before.

It would seem, that the lovely Kelly thought it was a little bit of an odd situation too, because she sent me a lovely pressie in the form of a huge blue Lush bath-bomb...aptly named the Big Blue so that I could rectify my bath bomb neglect ASAP.

Even still in the bag, the Big Blue smelt beautiful and reminded me of my lovely Grandma's house from when I was younger.  I have realised that this was due to the fantastic smelling lavender oil it has blended within it - my Gran's favourite.

This lavender oil helps to aid relaxation and is blended with lemon oil which helps to clear the mind.
The infusion of sea salt and seaweed softens the skin, and brings together a fantastic little product that certainly ticks a lot of boxes!

Lush describe Big Blue as being an alternative to going on holiday - it "will set you adrift for hours".
And who doesn't need a little bit of that.
The Big Blue is massive too - definitely a handful.

I ran a lovely warm bath, omitting my usual bubble bath, and then plopped the bath bomb into the water.

The colour change of the water was fantastic - it turned a lovely aqua colour, and seemed to go on fizzing and bubbling for ages.

Slightly disturbing to me at first was the fact that the Big Blue is filled with small pieces of seaweed, and my bath was absolutely full of it.

I usually hate any bits touching me in the bath, and I avidly avoid going into the sea at the seaside because of my seaweed phobia...but I manned up and climbed in - the pull of the beautifully smelling, warm, blue water was just too hard to resist.

Even though it did look ever so slightly as though my bath was filled with tadpoles...

It was difficult not to relax though - the lavender and lemon oil's were irresistible.
I noticed straight away that my skin felt so much softer than usual - thank you Mr Sea Salt.

Unfortunately, my relaxation was cut a little short by The Husband barging into the bathroom, seeing the water and insisting that I get out so he could get in and try out the bath bomb himself.

I secretly think he enjoyed it more than I did to be honest - he spent ages wallowing in the aqua water.
The rest of the evening was filled with comments from him about how soft his skin felt.
At one point he even exclaimed that, "We need to have a bath-bomb-a-week night"....
So I think he gave it a huge thumbs up.

Thank you Kelly for the gift, and thank you Lush for the Big Blue.

You have certainly created a few new bath-bomb fans!

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