Monday, 25 November 2013

Creme de la Mer Skincare

There is no way my skincare budget is ever going to be anything close to "high end".

I really don't earn enough cash to think it's OK to spend £80+ on a face cream.  Even if I did, or by some miracle I won the lottery, I still don't think I could ever justify doing it.

Boring I Know.

However, this doesn't mean that I don't enjoy experiencing the expensive and the luxurious, because let me assure you - I really, really do.

One of my recent "High End Introductions" came whilst I was swanning around Harvey Nichols. attending an event held there (here), and was guided towards the lovely Justine Lindley, counter manager at Creme de la Mer.

Creme de la Mer is an extremely luxurious brand, that began life fifty years ago after aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber was involved in a laboratory accident, and suffered burns to his skin.

Not happy with the treatments available, Dr Huber began a twelve year project that included six thousand experiments, until he had found something that would help the look of his skin to his satisfaction.

Creme de la Mer's Miracle Broth was created, and it is this that is at the heart of every one of the brand's nutrient-rich products.

It was clear to see that Justine is very passionate about the brand, and she welcomed us bloggers in and gave us a whole array of fantastic beauty hints and tips - some that I had never heard before, but have used almost religiously ever since.

And I really have noticed a difference in my skin (Thank You Justine!).

We were also treated to two product samples, and if high end skincare products were ever in my budget, then I would 100% be buying these.

My skin felt amazingly soft and...well...just touchable really, every time I used them.

Oh, and we were also given the cutest little box containing a very yummy chocolate.
Have you ever seen such cute presentation!

Anyway, back to the products.

The first being the Eye Concentrate.

Now at £130 for 100ml you would expect this to perform mini-miracles, and in a way, it really does.

The concentrate is designed to soften lines and wrinkles, as well as minimise dark circles.

I can certainly vouch for it helping with the dark circles anyway.
Lots of 5am starts and late nights blogging have really taken their toll on my skin over recent weeks, and whilst I won't say that this rid me of mine completely...maybe I need to use it over a longer period of time...I'd definitely say it helped lessen them.

A lot!

It is really thick and just feels expensive on the skin - it smells really nice too and didn't irritate my face or my eyes at all.

I wouldn't turn down a full size tub of this, that's for sure.

The second product tested was the Moisturizing Lotion.

Again, this carries a hefty price tag at £165 for 50ml.

It was extremely light, and just melted into the skin, and left my face feeling super soft.
I only needed to use a tiny amount, rubbed into my fingers and then patted across my skin for a silky smooth face.
The lotion had a lovely smell too, and really did improve how my skin looked and felt.

I would love to use more of Creme de la Mer's fab products - my skin is crying out for a touch of luxury.

In my book, Creme de la Mer is worth a little bit of a "High End" cash splurge



  1. I always remember "borrowing" some of my mums Creme de la Mer products when I was a teenager and not understanding why she was so upset that I used up half of her stuff. 18 years later and I can't even afford any of it myself nor replace the items of my mums that I used. It is lovely stuff though.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  2. Ooooh - I can imagine your poor mum's face when she spotted the half empty tub! Oops. :)

    1. I doubt she has ever forgiven me, I think her annoyance was the fact that I was 13 and really didn't need to use any of it! xx


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