Friday, 31 January 2014

Yay for Access All ASOS

This won't be a lengthy post, just a short, to the point "Thank You" kind of a post tonight.

I'm on my way out you see - nothing alcoholic or 3am-stumbling-through-the-door-inducing I must add.

Nope, non of that week-long hangover stuff for me, I'm off to a candle party.

Yep - a candle party - my first one too, and I'm pritty intrigued.

I love candles and already know I'll need to rein myself in and avoid spending too much money.

Anyhow, I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by to express just how giddy I am to have been accepted to be part of Access All ASOS.

It makes me very happy indeed.

I know there are a lot of bloggers involved with the project, but I still feel all special to have had my acceptance email and treat box through the post.

I originally applied for this when my blog was less than a month old, just "to see".
Obviously I was far too inexperienced with a much too young blog to be accepted, which I totally expected.

But when I saw that ASOS were looking for bloggers again, I thought I'd give it another shot and re-applied just before the New Year.


I'm now in the gang.

I was sent this lovely, really personalised box as a welcome gift from ASOS too -  a Barry M gift for me and a baking dino-shaping treat for my lovely son.

Oh and a lovely fortune cookie.

How Cute and extremely thoughtful.

It looks as though baking cookies will be part of my plan for this weekend - and I can't wait.

Thanks for having me ASOS


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