Friday, 14 March 2014

My Living Room Up-Date Wish List

It's Friday night.

Hubby's out geeking it up.

The Child is watching the 1987 classic "Harry and The Henderson's" in bed, as Friday is "stay up a bit later night".

And me, well, the feet are up, coffee is in hand, but I'm sat and my living room is kind of bugging me a little bit.

I really couldn't be bothered - and certainly couldn't afford - to redecorate everything completely, but I think I need some new bits and pieces to freshen it up a little.

I've decided to put a bit of a "House Wishlist" together - you never know, it may be enough to tame this urge of spending eagerness I seem to have developed...or then again, maybe it won't...


So, my living room is black, white and grey and I love things that are a little bit different.

I have some lovely glass candlesticks on my fireplace...that an indoor rugby game once ended with them smashing and the Husband hot-footing it out to replace them.

Needless to say there are no more indoor ball games...certainly not when Mum's around.

Anyway, I spied this black candleabra in my local Asda around Christmas time and I still can't believe I didn't buy it at the time - I'm really glad it's still available

I already have a lovely white Stag's head on one of my walls that I picked up from Next a few years ago, and I totally love him - he even gets dressed up at Christmas with his glittery baubles and tinsel.

He has a name too -  "Staggy The Stag"!

And I certainly wouldn't say no to this sleek, black, stag-shaped addition that I found at Fleur De Lee being mine and making friends with Staggy.

I think it's necessary at this point that I add that not every accessory in my home is black, but I think the black makes a really striking contrast against my white walls, and because of that, I really rather fancy this wall mirror from Next too.

And whilst I'm at it, I think my sofa needs a few extra cushions chucking on it as well.

It's all black and grey, but I recently had a great "Baker Street" cushion bought as a gift and I definitely need to add a few more different ones I think, just to mix things up a little bit.

I absolutely adore these that I found, all at Not On The High Street.

So that's just a few little additions I would love in my home...but trust me, I could add another hundred things from this little gem of a website that I have just discovered - Live Laugh Love.

It is a totally shabby chic haven.

There are some amazing pieces that wouldn't fail to add a unique touch to anyone's home.

I'll certainly be purchasing from there come pay day that's for sure.

OOOOH - I really want to decorate - right now

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