Thursday, 29 May 2014

Crabtree & Evelyn - Leeds Event

Last night I spent a portion of the evening doing something I would never normally do.

I ventured into the Victoria Quarter in Leeds, and had a good rummage around inside the very cute store that is Crabtree & Evelyn.

Crabtree & Evelyn is not somewhere I have ever been before, but I did a little research (ie. I checked out their website!) and found that the brand was first founded forty years ago, and they now have over five hundred stores worldwide, each stocking a variety of fine foods, beautiful gifts and amazing perfumes which all embrace properties of the natural world.

Sounds pritty good to me.

This event was set up in order to get people discussing, and offering up to others, the beauty tips they use that have been passed down through the generations.

Each tip was collected and then placed onto the very pretty tree displayed in the shop window for all to see, appreciate and learn from.

Cute idea.

My tip of "Don't pluck the tops of your eyebrows" is one I remember my mum telling me a very long time ago - thanks Mum!

We were even given a Polaroid snap proving that we had placed our tip on the tree and a £5 discount voucher to spend in store for doing so.

Once I was over the marvel created by watching a Polaroid picture develop (sad aren't I!) I was excited to have a little delve into the lovely smelling hand creams and products on offer - being my first ever visit to the store, I didn't want to miss a thing.

The displays were all so pretty and I was drawn into everything.

It was hard to find a favourite scent of the evening...although the Caribbean Island Wild Flowers range took the lead ever so slightly, packed with spider lilly, wild flowers and citrus fruits, it was just beautiful.

Myself and Kel had a little conversation about how we feel intimidated at times having to step into such small stores, especially when we feel all the staff attention will be directly on us.  After this event though, I think I'll be less inclined to worry so much.

Everyone was really lovely - very approachable, friendly and they all certainly knew their Crabtree & Evelyn stuff.

We were given information on the products and what they contained, as well as some upcoming offers and the fact that the store also offers a gift wrapping service - very handy to know.

Sammie and a few lucky others - I was too slow jumping into the seat unfortunately - were treated to, what I was told, were some pritty amazing hand massages throughout the event too.

And then we were all given the cutest little goody bag to take home with us, complete with a lovely hand cream and nail vanish.

Yep, Crabtree & Evelyn even have their own nail varnish range too.

I was treated to the very pretty shade Pistachio and think it looks rather amazing - even if I do say so myself.

And of course, I just had to use my Beauty Tip Tree Voucher and came away with this very lovely hand cream gift set - which was an absolute bargain at £13.

I'll have amazingly soft hands forever now.

I must point out that we will be venturing back into the store on Saturday afternoon and it will take all of my willpower not to come home with this amazing-Parma Violet smelling-cute bottled perfume - I mean just how beautiful would it look on any dressing table.

I just love it.

And I do have another discount voucher...

Thank you lots Crabtree & Evelyn for organising the event - it was great.

And Thank You Kelly for inviting me.

I love discovering new, fantastic places


  1. oh this seemed like a lovely event!

    from helen at

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