Saturday, 31 May 2014

I've Been A-Bargain Shopping

You've probably seen a few photos on my Instagram (if you follow me that is!) recently of things I've purchased over the past week or so, and I figured I'd take a few more snaps of them and pop them all into a little post to let you have a nose at exactly what I've (already) been spending my wage on.

First stop as usual - Primark.

I've wanted some printed trousers for a while now, but figured they wouldn't really suit me.
Regardless, I spotted these two lovelies and tried them on anyway.

Aren't I glad now that I did.

I love them - so naturally had to get them both.

The black and white pair were £11, and the pinky/bluey pair only £9 and they are super, super comfy.

I'm usually a size 10 but bought these in a size 14 - I would have preferred the black ones in a 12 to be honest, but there weren't any left in stock, so 14's it was.

I chose bigger sizes because I prefer things to fit loose and wanted these to be extra baggy without looking ridiculous (& therefore even more comfortable) and I think it works very well.

I then spotted these two bargainous basic vests at £4 which I had to have to go with the trousers.

The black one looks better loose, out of the monochrome trousers, over the top of waist band, whilst the navy one looks a lot better tucked into the pinky/blue trousers and then un-tucked and pulled back out a little bit.

It's just the way it seems to work.

Next up, this faux leather mint skirt made it's way into the basket too, but having been reduced to £5 and being something I've been after for a while I couldn't pass it up.

This one is a size 12 - they are quite a snug fit to say the least - it sits just above my knee and looks great with the black vest I bought tucked into it.

I fell in love with the bright, summary flamingo print of this dress as soon as I saw it, and for only £5 I had to have it.

Now the natural fit of this dress was for it to obviously be really bodycon - it was absolutely teeny tiny in my size - but I'm not into bodycon AT ALL.
I feel far too self-conscious in the tummy area to wear things too tight, so I delved into the rail and pulled out a size 20.

The fit is so much better -  it looks like a "normal", un-body-con-dress would now.

Also for £5 I picked up this Aztec design skater dress - again in a few sizes bigger just to improve the fit - this time in a size 14.

I figured, if we have a glorious summer (fingers crossed), this would be OK for work or a lazy day in the garden, hopefully enjoying some lovely BBQ food.

Shoe wise, these £6 lovelies will be perfect for work, or throwing on with some summer dresses.
(Can you see a "I'm hopeful for a hot summer" theme here!)

And then moving away from Primark, I spotted these lovelies in the Miss Selfridge on-line sale and after managing to get a bit more discount on top, of course I had to order them!

Aren't they just beautiful.

There was almost a disaster though after they arrived in store a tad damaged (EEEK!!!) but the Miss Selfrifge ladies sorted it all out for me so I didn't have to re-order and wait another week to get my mitts on them.

Thank goodness.

I originally wanted to wear these to the #leedsmaymeet today, organised by the wonderful Hayley, but heels and cake carrying through Leeds will only end in either my demise or a cakes demise, so I'm saving the heels for a few weddings I have coming up and popping on some much safer flats today.

...Hmmmm now what dresses can I possibly find to wear with them...


  1. Those Miss Selfridge wedges are beautiful!!
    I really love the printed trousers, too, I wish I didn't look so ridiculous in them haha :)

    Jess xo

    1. The wedges are a bit lovely aren't they. :)
      I'll bet you look good in them - the black & white ones aren't too bold so are a nice way to ease into the printed trouser thing I think. :)

  2. You looked fab in the printed trousers, I'd look ridiculous in them too!

  3. I'm glad I came across this post! I was eyeing up the beige shoes in Topshop thursday and these ones from primark are the exact same! xx

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

    1. Really? I'm glad I could save you a few pennies! :)

  4. Love the printed trousers and those wedges! x


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