Friday, 2 May 2014

Mallzee App ... A Pocket Personal Shopper

Surely it can't just be me who has those shopping trips where everything is set and you're raring to go.

The bank account is looking nice and healthy; the sun is shining; you feel great and ready to panic buy the whole of Primark in a haul-like frenzy.

And then....


~ Nothing appeals

~ Nothing fits perfectly

~ Nothing is in the right colour

~ Just nothing

How crushing

In these situations, all I end up doing is wandering aimlessly from shop to shop, becoming more and more disheartened as I go, and eventually I'll head home feeling totally deflated with the shopping world.

Surely it's not only me?

Even on-line shopping has been known to have a similar effect on me too, especially if I'm not really after anything specific, I just want a general wardrobe update.

There's so much choice, and with no "Today I Need This, This And This" plan, it sometimes becomes all too much and the laptop gets shut in a huff.

...just me then...?

Anyway, for all of those reasons, I'm really rather liking the Mallzee app that I have just discovered for my iPhone.

The Mallzee app is designed to be a little bit like a personal shopper - only one that is tailored just to you...and one that you can carry around in your pocket.

So - what it is?

Well, Mallzee features a wide range of clothes from a whole host of favourite brands - Topshop, ASOS and Miss Selfridge to name just a few.

And the aim of the game?

Well, when you see an item of clothing, you swipe right if you "LIKE" and swipe left for "NOT LIKE".

The more you do this, the more the clever little app will learn about the style of clothes you love.

And then what??

Well, then you can suss out what's available in the shops before you head out - which will undoubtedly save a percentage of the drama that I usually experience at least.

You'll know specifically where you're heading and what for.

But to make the shopping experience even more convenient and time efficient, you can actually buy items straight from the app itself.

And then, so you don't miss out on all of those really important "Are you sure this looks OK?" conversations that we all know happen at least ten times per outfit when you're shopping with the besties, the app has an option where items can be shared and commented on between groups of friends too.

Friends can rate the things you choose before you buy them, so you can still get the girls opinions, whether you're all together or not.

Fab stuff.

BUT be warned, unless the friends in question can be talked around, if you have you're heart set on something and the ladies rate it as a NO WAY, well - you can't buy it.

Mallzee won't let you.

Because, after all, our friends really do know their stuff.

I found this app quite fun to use.

Although I didn't use the friend opinion section myself, I had fun outfit planning and flicking through the different items of clothing.

The app is really simple to use and it gave me an idea of what things were in the shops at the moment.

Not having to flit between loads of different shop apps on my phone to compare two dresses was a bonus too.
All the dresses I could ever want to scrutinize, pick apart or admire were there, sat waiting for me in this one, handy little app.

Oh, and the filters were a huge help too.
By setting a budget and a brand filter before I began shopping, I was shown just the items I asked to see, at the price I thought was affordable.

Which prevented me lusting after that mega expensive dress that I simply can't afford and then skulking around all day because there are no cheaper alternatives that match up to it's amazing-ness.

Mallzee saved me time and some very important pennies too.

The Husband will be pleased.

Quick, Convinient Shopping on the go

*A collaboration post - views are all my own

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