Monday, 12 May 2014

Some Bourjois Rouge Velvet Love

I'm a little behind the hype and behind the times with this post I do realise.

But do I care?

I do not.

I'm still going express my total love over the little beauties that are these:

My collection of lip colours is by no means vast, or large or anything remotely close to adequate even - not by "blogger standards" anyway, so when the lovely Kate and Sammie went absolutely tear-arse-ing (excuse my language!) through a shopping centre in Kendal, desperately searching for a Superdrug, I knew they were after something special.

Something special that I certainly wanted a part of that's for sure.
I knew I'd be having me some of what they were having.

We promptly arrived, and stood in the Bourjois section "ooooh-ing" and "arrr-ing" over the rather sleek packaged, beautiful colours, each grabbing a few and swatching our arms to absolute death with the prettiness.

I'd said earlier that day that I was after a "really pink pink" lipcolour and I certainly ended up with that, and more besides...these girls are such enablers...

In the end I chose:

~ Velvet 6 - Pink Pong

~ Velvet 5 - Olé Flamingo!

~ Velvet 1 - Personne ne rouge!

And let me tell you - they are all absolutely fantastic.

The colour glides really accurately onto the lips due to the precise tipped applicator, which also allows the colour to be built up to a degree as opaque and intense as you like.

I found that two coats gave a really vibrant colour that was just perfect for me.

I loved how, even though the lipsticks are matte, once applied, they feel as though they can be rubbed and smudged into the lips a little bit and they don't feel dry at all.
Not one little bit.

Brilliant stuff.

If it is vibrant, long lasting colour you are wanting, well, these are certainly the product you need.

Two coats of Personne ne rouge! gave this lovely bright red that really stands out:

Two coats of Olé Flamingo! gave this beautiful, colour pop of bright pink:

Very pretty and girly.

Pink Pong is the only colour not to have had a real outing as of yet, but as you can see it's just as fab as the other two, and is a really bright, totally in your face pink:

I love all three of these so much.

But we all know, whether it's a night out on the town, or a daytime stroll in the woods it goes without saying that at some point food and drink will be consumed, but with these lip-colours, this isn't a problem at all.

Simply because these lovelies do not budge at all.

Honestly - I ate, drank numerous drinks - hot and cold - and I even slept, and the colour stayed on my lips absolutely perfectly.
(OK - it wasn't quite as bright after a full nights sleep, but there was still a hint of it there)

I have had to really persuade myself not to buy all of the others in the collection everytime I wander past beauty counters because I like them that much - but I just know that I won't hold out for long.

They are that amazing.

I just can't wait for the winter shades to make their appearance


  1. Ping Pong is such a gorgeous shade! All 3 are beaut, going to have to have a look next time I go into Superdrug/Boots :) xxx

    1. They are beautiful! I'm so tempted by the others too...x

  2. I love these, I'm desperate for them to release a purple shade. Can't believe you bought 3 :O you little devil.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's all down to you lovely ladies - honestly - I'm so bad. Show me something pretty and I want it all. :)


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