Friday, 13 June 2014

Lovin' Some Lushness

! Woohooo !

It's Friday Night.

I've been waiting for this to arrive ever since last Sunday evening

Time to change the clothes, pour myself a well deserved drink and enjoy the fact that there is no work for two whole days.

Amazing Feeling.

And naturally by "changing my clothes" I mean slipping on my favourite Where's Wally onesie and by "pouring myself a drink" I am obviously talking about putting the kettle on for a huge mug of steaming coffee.


I mean, what else did you think...?

I may even stretch to a little bit of a Twilight DVD marathon...or maybe a little bit of Frozen instead...who knows where the night will take me.

So Rock 'n' Roll aren't I.

One thing that has certainly happened - before the excitement of all of this crazy planning totally overwhelms me - is a little bit of relaxation and indulgence using the fantastic goodies the lovely Lush ladies crammed into my goody bag at The Leeds May Meet.

Aren't they just the best.

The picture is unfortunately missing one of the items - The Big Blue Bath Bomb - which my eight year old son snaffled before I had a chance to whip out the camera.

But I'll forgive him - he is just too cute and his reaction when he used it was fantastic.
He was absolutely amazed by it - calling himself "A FISHBOY" (due to all of the seaweed) and that he "could really really become an Avatar" (due to all of the blueness).

And I have used this bath bomb before (see here) so he can be forgiven...right...?

I'll certainly be needing to double up on all of my Lush purchases in the future though, just so he can enjoy them too.

Back to this evening then, well, there was a little bit of Butterball Bath Bomb action occurring - this one I actually made with my own two hands might I add.

Job well done if I do say so myself.

I've also used this bath bomb in the past too (see here) so I knew what to expect.
It's one of my absolute favourites because it leaves my skin so soft - I just love it.

Now, the other products I pulled out of the bag to try, I wasn't so familiar with, and I'll admit, I did have to search the Lush website to make sure I was using them properly - but once I knew what I was doing, I thought they were all pritty great.

First up we had the Full Of Grace solid serum face bar - which was crammed with rose petals, portobello mushrooms (!!!) and rainforest butters.

I used this instead of my usual face moisturiser and thought it smelt absolutely lovely - really sweet but not too overpowering

After my face was cleansed, well, I just whacked this all over it - there was no gracefulness about it at all - I just rubbed it all over my face.

The bar started to melt once it was in my hands, so it covered my face very easily and it's really going to last for ages that's for sure.

As it started to soak into the skin my face felt a little...chalky I first, but once this had settled my face felt so lovely and soft.
Time and a longer period of use will tell just how good it is I suppose, but on first impressions - I like it a lot.

Next up was the Peace Massage Bar.

This bar is described as "helping your inner peace" which is exactly what I require after a tough week at work.

Following the instructions I warmed the coco butter and olive oil infused bar between my hands and rubbed it over my body.
It is certainly a "melt in the hands" kind of a bar with a very distinctive scent - I really liked it.
This bar will last for absolutely ages too - it's real value for money.

When warm, it just glides all over the body, leaving behind a trail of oily moisturise and once soaked in, it left my skin feeling really soft.

This bar certainly makes body moisturising quick and easy...just maybe plan to have a little bit of "sit alone in the buff" time after using it - just whilst it settles - otherwise the oil will be all over your clothes.

And then, last but by no means least there's the Volcano Foot Mask - perfect for getting my winter hidden feet all ready for the summer shoes.

Now this was very minty in scent and it was quite strong - in a really refreshing, pleasant kind of a way.

I whacked it on, rather thickly, all over my feet.
It felt quite dry really and slightly coarse but not overly gritty.

I then covered my feet in plastic foods bags (attractive I know, but the little pot told me to do it!!) and waited ten minutes for a foot transformation to begin.


What the little pot failed to tell me was that whilst inside the plastic bags, my feet would start to feel like they were actually being dipped into a blooming volcano.

They certainly heated up that's for sure.

But OK, perhaps that was a slight exaggeration, but for a while, I did start to panic a little bit, but I suppose at the "hot point" the mask is obviously working it's magic.

After ten minutes I removed the plastic and rubbed the mask into all of the horrible dry, flaky areas on my feet, then I washed it off.

I was left with the most amazingly soft, extremely refreshed, very tingling tootsies ever.

My dry, cracked heels (sorry for that mental image) were so smooth - and that was just after using it the once.

An absolutely fab product.

So, now that I'm all buffed, relaxed, moisturised and cleansed - it's TV time.

A Perfect Friday Evening.

Could I actually love Lush anymore right now

*products given away as part of a goody bag - all thoughts, opinions and pictures are all my own

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