Thursday, 5 June 2014

Oriflame Make-Up Goodies

I do love it when you discover a new, totally fab favourite beauty product.

Who doesn't?!

My make-up collection is slowly expanding due to all of the things I've discovered, that I just couldn't be without now

"All Hail The Power Of The Blog" I say

So when I was invited to attend an event in Leeds a few weeks ago, one that was set up to showcase the lovely new range of makeup from Oriflame - The One range - naturally I was excited about all of the new things I would discover.

And discover a lot of things I did.

Most of which came from the fab guest of honour - Gary Cockerill - who shared lots of his hints and tips with us.

And the fact that we were treated to a fab goody bag at the end of the day thrilled me no end - new products that I could take home, try, and learn with - brilliant!

Inside the Little White Bag Of Goodies there was an array of Oriflame treats for each of us

There was a lovely, The One Long Wear, bright, summery nail polish in shade "Orchid" which applied brilliantly and lasted days without chipping once.

There was a The One Colour Impact Eye Shadow Creme in "Shimmering Steel".

Despite never really using creme shadow before, this one gave a lovely, quite light coverage in a great dark grey colour which could be built up if a darker shade was desired. 

After listening to some of Gary's tips on the day, I applied a pale base shadow to my eyelid before I used this creme shadow to help with the creasing effect that can be an issue with creme eye colours (or so we were informed).

I love that the tip really worked - just as Gary told us it would
...oh to have all of the fantastic tips of a famous make-up artist on hand all of the time...

* S I G H *

Next inside the bag was a The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick in the shade "Always Cranberry".

I do love a good red lip.

This one applied very smoothly and felt lovely and silky on the lips.

The colour was more of a shimmery sheen shade rather than being a really bold colour - lovely for everyday wear.

And those goodies continued to appear - this time in the shape of a The One Eye Liner Stylo in black.

~ Wow ~

What a liner this is

I am still having to practice my steady hand technique, so I haven't quite managed to wear this outside yet - I've never worn a liquid eyeliner before you see so I need a little bit of time with it - but it is fab.
Really precise and easy to use (even for me!) and the colour is intense and just lasts and lasts.

And then lasts some more - it just does not budge at all.

Now a lot of the ladies received a The One Volume Blast Mascara in their goody bags, and after listening to Gary's very high appraisal of it, I was a bit *awwww* to find that I didn't have one to try.

(not in an ungrateful way I must add, just in a *sad face* kind of a way)

But upon hearing my woes (dramatic aren't I!) I was VERY KINDLY sent one through the post, and My-Oh-My - I'm so, so thankful that I was.

THIS here little mascara is officially my newest favourite product.

You see, myself and mascara do not usually mix

Nope - not at all.

Because I'm just crap with it.

I'm always guaranteed to blink or sneeze everytime I apply it - and that one little blink or sneeze always results in me having *lovely* black speckled eye sockets.

And I do mean EVERY TIME I use it.

And then if I ever get around to even trying to apply mascara to my bottom lashes - only on those "I'm feeling very daring days" mind -'s just total Game Over for the eye make-up.

Trust me - it gets very messy and very un-pretty.

But that was before I discovered this The One mascara - which is just brilliant.

The brush is small with teeny hard bristles which help to coat each lash as individually as possible.

Goodbye Spider Eyes

And it also has a clever flat end to the brush too which makes it ideal for capturing those smaller lower lashes very precisely.

I mean, if I can manage to use this mascara at 6.30am, half asleep, before dashing out of the door to work and can manage to do my lower lashes too - without a trail run first - and with not one little disaster, then it just shows how great this product really is.

I absolutely love it.

It is well worth it's £8.95 price tag in my book.

Oooh - I really do love finding these fab new products

*Products gifted in an event goody bag to take home and try out


  1. I have never heard of this brand but their products look gorgeous. Xx

    1. I hadn't heard of them either - they're a bit like Avon (or so I'm told!) but they have some nice things. :)

  2. Ooh I'm even more gutted I didn't get the mascara now, everyone's raved about it! Everything else is amazing though :)

    1. If I can use it then it's good - total make up novice over here. :)
      Gutted you didn't get one. :(


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