Sunday, 3 August 2014

Amazingly Sweet, Sweet Pizzas

I'm sure I'm not alone in my love of a full on relaxed, do nothing, chilled out kind of a day.

I'm talking total relaxation here - no getting dressed, no doing any kind of housework, no major cooking - nothing.
Simply slobbing out all day long, in a pair of PJs, on the sofa watching movies and rubbish TV all day long.


Nothing could add to this slobbing day more than hearing that amazing sound of a knock on the door from the takeaway guy bringing me some fabulous food.

All of that stodgy calorific goodness.


That's certainly my kind of a fabulous day.

And my last delivery-guy-tap-on-the-door happened one evening last week.
I was all tired out, exhausted and weary and then there he was - brown pizza box in hand.


Only this brown pizza box held a whole different kind of foodie goodness.

Yes it was still stodge and my-oh-my it was still extremely calorific but it made me smile even more than a usual, run-of-the-mill pizza ever could.

And that's because it was a Sweet Pizzas pizza

Sweet Pizzas are a Leeds based company who offer up a fantastic take on the traditional pizza.

They focus on the idea that a pizza can be enjoyed as a dessert instead of a main.

And my 7 inch Oreo Brownie Pizza was certainly enjoyed let me tell you.

It was amazing and the kind of thing you open and are suddenly hit with slight amazement as you give a little "ooooh"

I mean - just look at it

Packaged oh-so carefully, the brownie base of this pizza was crammed full of white and dark chocolate chips and then smothered in a really thick, really rich buttercream topping which was unlike any I'd ever tasted before.

Just beautiful.

This buttercream was then absolutely crammed full and covered in some fantastic sweet treats.

There were Smarties, Oreo pieces, mini marshmallows and my favourite - pieces of Snickers.

All of this was then covered in a really gooey caramel sauce.

It was amazing.

And if you're ever going to fully grasp just how good anything sweet is then I guess you had better ask an expert.

Which is just as well really as my "expert", aka my son, flew down the stairs and into the kitchen faster than I've ever seen him move before once he realised what it was that I held in my hands.

It was like Christmas had arrived early when he opened the box for the first time and, massive grin plastered across his face, simply said "Wow".

He tucked into a small-ish piece straight away (well it was supposed to be bed time!), wolfed down the lot in no time at all, and all he could do - between each mouth full - was mumbled excited words of "Yum", "I love this" and "Can I have more?"

Yep - the pizza passed the Child Test 100% that's for sure.

I had to force him away from the box and back up to bed in the end, but only after promises of being allowed to have some more the next day.

He loved it.

And of course I had to try some - and I bloomin' loved it as well - way more than my diet should have allowed...

It was fab.
The base was crisp and cooked perfectly, the cream was just so sweet and more-ish and then the Snickers on top totally sold it for me.

...I admit it...

I had another "slice" too

Then The Hubby arrived home, and the whole process was repeated again...only this time with a slightly (!!!) larger portion of the pizza being demolished.

Let's just say that the remaining Sweet Pizza didn't see it through to the end of the next day...

It was way too good to be just left sitting around.

Sweet Pizzas offer a range of pizzas suited and tailored to individual preference, with a wide choice of different toppings - they even have a fruit crammed one available too.

And if a chocolate brownie base isn't your thing (is that even possible?!?) they can cook up your chosen pizza with a cookie dough base instead.


Hmmmm...I may need to try out a few more different options before I decide on my favourite

*Sweet Pizza delivered free of charge to taste, enjoy & review - thoughts and pictures all my own


  1. Ahh! This looks amazing! I might try something like this for work next Friday.

    When I lived in France, the pizza shop in the town I was in did dessert pizzas. We had one that was topped with Nutella and a white chocolate sauce! It was very nice but basically dribbled everywhere bc it was actually a hot base. Ha.

    Corinne x

  2. That looks amazing! I may have to move to Leeds...


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