Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Relaxation With Lush

Well, it was always going to be a crazy week now wasn't it.

The first week back at work after six weeks off for summer definitely felt like hard work.

So what better way to unwind than having an evening of doing nothing but putting the feet up and relaxing.

Yes please.

Naturally, a little bit of time to myself wouldn't be complete without a whole lot of caffeine, a really good book and of course, my own little piece of Lush.

And my Lush of choice last night was one I was given in the goody bag from Northern Blogger Meet Up in Sheffield a few Saturdays ago (see here).

(even it's name brings a smile!)

So, Sex Bomb is a bath-bomb - obviously - what else - and it is crammed full of jasmine and ylang ylang, perfect for sorting out anxiety, tiredness and stress.

It's as though this little ball of pinky-purple fizz was made especially for me this week.

It's colours were very girly and the little flower peeking out of the top was really sweet.

Anyway, in it went, plopped straight into a bath full of steaming hot water, where it immediately reacted and whizzed away.

The water began to change a really lovely baby pink colour and the flower turned a little like jelly and looked to be gliding about the water.

Flowers in the bath...

How very posh.

The moisturising effect the bath-bomb had on the skin was fantastic and instant too - I could feel it clinging to my skin - it felt lovely.

And the scent was perfect too - nothing too overpowering, just nice, subtle and yep - relaxing.

I'm certainly not brave enough to take the kindle into the bathroom for a relaxing bathtub read - no way - that's a total disaster waiting to happen, so a nice, large coffee and my feet up on the sofa for an hour after my Sex-Bomb soak suited me just fine.

Sometimes a little time-out is all you need

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