Sunday, 21 September 2014

Saturday Should Be Re-Named "Relaxday"

It's been a little while since I've managed to have nothing to do on a Saturday evening.

Nothing that is but to get the feet up, put the backside on the sofa and enjoy a good bit of TV.

And it's not as if I have a really hectic social life - I really don't, but I just seem to have been a busy little bee recently.

But that is the "predicament" I found myself in last night.

Nothing at all to do, but r-e-l-a-x...
How on earth did I manage...

OK, OK - I did have housework that could have been done...but on a Saturday night...really...

Nah - housework is illegal in my house on a Saturday evening.

So there I was, all chilled out, coffee in hand, both boys totally exhausted and already in bed, so the TV was all mine and I took total advantage and put on one of my favourites...

Harry Potter

...and the Chamber Of Secrets to be exact...


The only thing to improve the evening was to light a good scented candle and totally chill out.

My house is littered with them, they never fail to improve my mood - the ones I have in my living room are burning non-stop, no matter the time of day.

Walking into a beautiful smelling room is just the best.

And luckily for me I was sent a very lovely packaged candle tin earlier last week from The Country Candle Company (find them here).

An absolutely perfect accompaniment for my total relaxation filled Saturday night.

The Country Candle Company pride themselves on the fact that they hand-blend all of their candles in small batches in a factory all of their own in Wiltshire - they describe themselves as "very quintessentially English".

And very much of the highest quality - the totally "premium kind".

Needless to say then that I was really rather pleased to have one of their fresh linen candles from the Polka Dot collection in my possession.

This candle tin range, on average, will burn for around thirty hours - the longer the better for me - and retails at just £8.50.


So there I was, enjoying a bit of blue car flying, Quidditch playing with this lovely, fresh, strong but not overpowering, clean scent wafting all around me.

I loved it.

There are a whole range of different fragrances to choose from too - I really fancy giving the Moreollo Cherry And Almond one a try next (find it here) and everything in the Bloomsbury Collection looks oh-so pretty indeed (find it here).

I want it all.

You really can't beat a lovely scented candle

*product sent for review purposes - pictures,words & opinions all my own


  1. The candles look lovely, but Chamber of Secrets is my least favourite of the Potter films!

    1. I'm re-watching them from start to finish. :)


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