Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Yungskin Facelift Cream

I have, this past week, realised that a face lift could never be an option for me.

Slightly random statement for a Tuesday morning I agree, but there we have it.

It is very true though.

I don't think I could put myself through all of that worry beforehand (not to mention the actual pain)...and after the sheer terror I felt at first applying a face cream recently I just know I couldn't do it to myself.

Yep - I did indeed put "terror" and "face cream" into the same sentence, but that's the only word I can think of to use to explain how I initially felt.

It was quite ridiculous really, but yes, a face cream caused me stress...so much stress that I had to go and lay down on my bed, eyes shut, whilst I waited for something horrific to happen.

What a blooming drama queen.

So I know 100% that there is just no way I could handle the kind of worry having plastic surgery would cause me.

But let me back track a little - just so you fully understand the source of my predicament.

The reason I was so worked up and worried is because the face cream in question was the Yungskin Face-Lift Cream.

Now the claims behind this cream believe to be a bit of an acupuncture cream, meaning that it will stimulate areas and give, what was described as a potentially "dramatic face lift reaction".

So much so in fact, that Yungskin products have to be distributed in the EU by specially trained practitioners only.

Before I was sent any product at all, I was emailed lots of information on the product in a flier, a practitioner handbook and a product manual -  which was brilliant really because I was allowed to familiarise myself with the product and was given the choice to decide if I really wanted to trail it or not.

Having the information to hand is a good idea - OK it was the cause of my worry starting, but I did have the option to not use the product - however knowing that it could cause skin redness for "up to twenty minutes after use" is certainly something people need to know before they start lathering the stuff all over their face and then finding out by chance.

Also, realising that there is a recommendation to leave a few days between cream applications to "give facial muscles a rest" is always useful to know...

This stuff obviously means business though doesn't it.

I mean what on earth does it do that means my facial muscles will need resting....?!

Info or not, I was still fairly anxious at first and I'll admit, I did put off using the cream for a little while, but then I just went for it - I lathered a small amount all over my face one evening before bed, and then, I waited...

And waited...

And worried...

After about five minutes, I felt a slight tingling, warm sensation which started just around my jawline - it wasn't unpleasant or overbearing at all - just slightly strange.

Next my cheekbones felt a little tingly and warm too, but I didn't experience any pain or burning heat sensation - which I think I'd expected.

When I looked in the mirror, my face was quite red all over but because I knew that this would happen I was fine - I just waited (and hoped) for it to settle down, and it did, after about fifteen minutes.

I calmed myself down then when I realised I was OK and went back to bed and I woke up with really soft skin.

No burning.

No redness.

I was pritty impressed.

I used this cream for just over two weeks, and maybe because I knew what to expect from it, I didn't really notice any of the feelings I had after it's first use...probably because I totally calmed myself down.

Whilst I don't have too many wrinkles to begin with (yet), I felt that it not only moisturised my face but it did make my skin look healthier and a little "plumped" - if that is even a word....

In fact, the only thing I wasn't too keen on (apart from the stress!) was the smell of the cream - it has a real distinct, fairly strong and quite sweet smell which I found really overpowering if I'm honest.

I think I became accustomed to it by the end of the two weeks though, but it's still not my favourite scent in the world.

But fingers crossed, after using this Yungsung cream, I won't ever need to even consider a surgical face procedure...

Thank Goodness

*product sent for review - thoughts and pictures all my own

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