Saturday, 11 October 2014

Movie Nights Are The Best Kinda Nights

It may be a little sunny today, but I'm not letting those little beaming rays fool me.

I know the cold is set to make an appearance very soon - I'm no fool.

And yes, this means that most nights - even more so than usual - I would much rather now be snuggled up next to the warm fire on the sofa watching a good old movie or two, than be donning my glad-rags and flitting off for a night on the tiles.

Does that make me boring...?

Do you know - I really don't mind if it does.

I've had a week off of work this past week and every day I've managed to get a little movie time in - I've loved it.

And all of this film watching led me to looking at a little competition Curry's have had going on (details here) - they obviously understand that cold nights and movie watching go hand in hand because they have put together a little #CurrysMovieNight concept.

They want to know people's favourite movie soundtrack or song.


What a question that is!

There are just so many possible answers to it - there are that many brilliant movie soundtrack's out there.

But I think I had mine pritty much straight away.

And the song in question does come from a Disney film.
(cue many a rolled eye at this statement I'm sure!)

But wait until you hear why I love the song so much.

The Disney film in question is the fairytale, princess, love-conquers-all story of


Ooooh - I love it.

And my favourite song from the movie just has to be "So Close" by Jon McLaughlin.

It is so lovely...and it was the "first dance" song at my wedding.

~ Awwww ~

Obviously for this reason, the song always makes me feel all lovely when I hear it, but it has other sentimental reasons too.

When I got married, I actually "ran away" to Gretna Green and told only three people where we were going and what we were going to do.

It was a fantastic day - perfect in fact - but obviously we had no family around us to celebrate with.

Once we arrived back Mr & Mrs...and the "wrath of the family" had died down a little bit, we organised a little party to get everyone together to celebrate with us.

If I'm totally honest not a huge amount of people actually attended the party really - not compared to the amount we actually invited anyway.

It was a little upsetting, but it showed us just who really did care about us after all.

And the people who were with us were the most important and the most dear to us anyway.

So that is why I love the song so much.

Because it is so much more than "just a song from a movie" to me - it symbolises a whole lot more than that...

~ friendship

~ happiness

~ love

...and of course...

~ a pretty princess in a beautiful fairytale dress...

There's nothing better than a good, emotion provoking song...

* post is my entry into a competition


  1. Awww this post is adorable <3 I can't believe you ran away to Gretna Green! I'd love to do that... just need to find myself a nice person to marry ;)

    Danniella x

    1. It was lovely - pretty little chapel, walked down the isle by my little man...and didnt cost the earth either. :)

  2. Such a lovely post! I don't think I've ever seen any of your wedding pics before, I bet you looked completely stunning!

    Sharon xx

    1. It was a beautiful day - I perhaps wasnt in the fairytale dream dress I'd wanted from childhood but I was happy. :) xx


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