Thursday, 16 October 2014

W7 Eye Trio Set

I was a little quick off the mark one day last week.
(only the one time on the one day though might I add...)

After a little bit of speedy-fast emailing responding to a "first come, first served" Tweet I was very kindly sent a lovely W7 eye make up trio set to try out.

Being on the ball for once paid off quite well didn't it.

It was a total sure fire way to improve my day really wasn't it - I love lovely gifts.

So - what did my "Speed Of Email Sending" win me?

Well - I shall show you...

A little eye treating kit.

I want so much to be good with liquid eyeliners - I want to be able to simply - and gracefully - waft the brush across my lid and be able to achieve amazing, fantastic, tear-inducing even, pretty eye-flicks.

I feel this is something that I really must accomplish in life - but - so far, no good.

I'm horrendous at it.

Really, really bad.

I end up with anything from wiggly, uneven lines to a full on blackened eye.

But that's not to say this W7 Liquid Eyeliner is lost on me - oh no - if anything, I think this will help me achieve that skill that I'm after all the more.

I found the brush really sleek and easy to use.

It follows the shape of the lash line really nicely...or it would if I weren't so useless...and it is really flexible whilst still being sturdy and accurate too.

I'm sure I'll get the hang of applying it sometime...


Something I am getting to grips with now is mascara (yes - I used to be terrible at this too!) and I am l-o-v-i-n-g the ones I currently have on the go, but I really like the brush on this Zoom mascara which is in black - it is ideal for me and what I want from a lash.

The wand is quite wide and has a little plastic spiked brush, which I found useful at getting as close to the lash root as possible - fab for that all important lash lengthening.

And it really does lash lengthen too - I've never had such long lower lashes!

No complaints from me with this one.

And then last but by no means least was the Perfect Eyes shimmery, sparkly eyeshadow in shade Lovely Lilac.

On a daily basis, I tend to stick to more neutral colours of eyeshadow, mainly to keep my look natural and not too "out there".

Anything with too much glitz would certainly be saved for an evening out.

I really like the colour of this one too.

It is a lot paler than it appears in the pot and I found it applies really nicely and smoothly too and is quite nicely pigmented too.

I would say there is more shimmer and less sparkle to this one - it's definitely not a full on glitter fest...which is also good news and perfect for me.

Thank you lots W7 for my trio of eye jazzing up goodies

*products sent to test and review - pictures and words all my own 


  1. That Zoom Lash looks interesting, like a dupe of the Maybelline The Rocket. Will have to go on a hunt :)

    Danniella x

    1. Im a mascara novice and I thought it was great. :)


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