Thursday, 18 December 2014

Birchbox Introduce Me To Models Own Nails

I must admit, I'm beginning to love my monthly delivery of beauty goodies inside of my Birchboxes.

The December box was a particular favourite, and I think this was because of one of the brilliant items inside which was the fab full size Model's Own Nail Polish
(find here)

I initially fell in love with this polish because of the soft,velvety lid it has - very unique and very different....

...and we all know how I feel about pretty packaging...

~ I just loves it ~

And then, when I got past the lid, I fell a little more in love with the pretty colour - Amethyst - a lovely deep purple shade.

And what made the polish even more perfect was the fact that it was crammed full of glitter.

Just what you need for the Christmas party season

Glitter and Bling

Now when I applied this polish, I first thought that I had made a little bit of a mess, but nope, I just needed to get to grips with using a glitter polish and it's consistency because I never really go for glitter usually.

But for this little bottle - I made an exception - and aren't I glad I did.

The glitter was distributed nicely throughout all of the polish and it didn't clump together on the nail at all.

I applied two coats and found that it dried fairly quickly - which is always a bonus.

The polish itself is matte, so the dull, velvety finish it has was very nicely complimented by the sparkle of all of that glitter within.

With it having a slight texture to it there was also a little less pressure for me to be really neat and precise with the application of this.

Another bonus

Plus if I added a clear top coat the matte finish will be transformed into a more shiny one...if I decided that's the look I want to go for.

A little bit of a two-for-one!

So yes - I really did like this polish - the glitter element really made it a tad special - it made a really nice change, and as I said, it will be ideal for over Christmas...

...however I do realise that my love for the glitter may change when I come to take it off though, as I have heard that glitter polish can be a bit of a pain to remove...

...but at the moment, I just love it.

This was the first Models Own polish I have ever used and I must say, I am very impressed with it - I will definitely be searching them out in future.

Thanks for introducing us Birchbox


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