Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Very Inspiring Blogger Nomination

...what me...

A very inspiring blogger?

I think you may have the wrong person...

...but I am very grateful, am very flattered and I will (of course!) take that award...

It would be very rude of me not to now wouldn't it...

So what is this Very Inspiring Blogger Nomination all about then?

Well, I had a search and apparently it is a way to keep all of us blogging folk connected, upbeat, positive and busy whilst "showing the love" to others...all whilst having the opportunity for a good old nose around other bloggers lives a little bit

I do love a good nosey I must admit.

Of course I had a little explore of the blog that my nomination came from...

~ T H A N K S ~

...and I discovered the few little rules of this post...

Rules have never been so simple:

1. After being nominated, write a post and start by mentioning (and linking if you like) the blogger who nominated you for this award - as a little thank you of course.
2. Have a bit of fun and come up with seven facts about yourself - they can be anything at all.
3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers to receive the award and let them know to complete their own post in order to take part.

And that's it

It's as easy as that

So here is my entry...

Seven Facts About Me

1.  For years (and I mean years) I thought that I was allergic to eggs and would tell everyone who would listen that I was.
I wouldn't touch an egg, let alone eat one...except when they were in cake/bun/baked/sweet consistency form of course...
(Hmmm...obviously that sounds just like an allergy doesn't it...)
And where did this egg-aversion stem from?
My mother.
When I was really little, I apparently had a coughing fit whilst being fed my lunch.
The scrambled egg I was having went down totally the wrong way and ended up flying down my nostrils (attractive!)
This totally traumatised my Mum, and I was never fed egg - of any kind - ever again.

2.  I am obsessed with the American TV show Fringe.
I have watched the whole thing before and am currently re-watching it again, religiously, every night from the beginning.
Walter and his Walter-isms really make me chuckle.

3.  I am 31 and my youngest sister is just 15 years old and when she was born I was given the all-important-job of choosing her name.

4.  I ran away to Gretna Green to get married (don't worry, we had been together for seven years at the time - he wasn't a stranger!) and didn't tell anyone at all.
My beautiful son (who was five at the time) gave me away, he was our best man and the ring-bearer all rolled into one.
It was amazing.

5.  I love reading and particularly love reading any magical, mystical story involving Vampires, Wolves (obviously I'm a Twilight fan - TEAM EDWARD all the way!) and anything along these fantasy lines - in particular involving Angels.
~ Fallen Angels
~ Happy Angels
~Demonic Angels.
I just love them.
Amy M Bartol is my FAV author of this genre, and Susan Ee is a very close second.

6.  I absolutely hate washing my hair.
It is so thick and long and just takes an absolute age to dry and straighten and style.
~ URGH ~
I much prefer to go to the hairdressers twice a month and have them do it all for me.

7.  I had never ever ever been to any kind of music concert before in my whole entire life until I went to The Big Boy Band Reunion in Leeds late last year.
It was amazing and I can't believe I left it so long to have that experience.

And that's it.

~ Job done ~

I now nominate:

Because even though they may not think this kind of post is for them - which I really don't mind at all - they are the ladies who have inspired me the most so far on my blogging journey and I simply had to nominate them!

And yes, I realise that there aren't fifteen nominated names here...but hey ho...I'm nominating nine instead!

Happy Nose-ing


  1. You are so adorable <3 thank you for nominating me!

    Dannie x

  2. Haha your egg allergy story made me chuckle!x

    1. Cheers for that one Mother - depriving me of food with false allergic reactions. :)


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