Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Mini Competition Post - "Get Out More"

Rather than simply sit on the sofa after my really busy, back-ache inducing day (yes, I'm moaning I know!) I decided to check through my emails and within my inbox I spotted a rather interesting little email.

And being the lovely person that I am I thought I would pass on the details of the competition I found within that little email - a competition which is actually running as I type.

I figured I know a fair few Mums/Dads/Guardians who may find this slightly interesting, so here is my mega fast, fairly short post, just letting you know all about it.

~ And nope, just for the record, I'm not getting paid, gifted or anything similar for this post, I'm just writing it because I want to ~

I first heard about Forest Schools last week when I was very kindly asked if my son would like to try an overnight stay at a Get Out More camp situated fairly close to our home actually

Get Out More team - photo source
Now whilst my son is quite sporty and loves all kinds of things outdoors-y I had to decline the very kind offer - I just know he wouldn't settle being in a group with absolutely no-one he was familiar with...

...and of course, nor would I...
(I hate him not being with me)

But the Get Out More people now have an opportunity for everyone to potentially get involved through the competition they have over on their website - full details here.

All they are asking for is a photo uploading to Twitter of Facebook, showing the family "Getting Out More" using the hashtag #WeGetOutMore

~ And that's it ~

The winner will receive an overnight stay at any of the Get Out More summer camps for their child and the competition closes on June 5th.

~ My work here is done ~

Happy Thursday Evening All

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