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Baby Baker Friday - Dr Helcké's Pregnancy & Exercise Hints And Tips

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

Do you know what?

Apart from my baby bump - which I very much love - I'm really not liking any other part of my body right now...

~ I'm not happy with the fact that my bingo wings flap about even more so than ever

~ I'm not happy that my backside has ballooned so much that it balances my bump out perfectly from behind

~ I'm not happy that, more so today than any other day really, I have no ankles to call my own and my legs resemble those of an elephant

...but most of all...

~ I'm not happy that it is all my blooming own fault

Oh I know people will say that I'm pregnant, these things are bound to happen - and yes - to an extent I do agree, I mean of course I knew my body would change, it had, to but the rest...nope - that's alll me.

You see before I became pregnant I was a fairly active person - once upon a time the gym was my home every single day of the week for at least an hour at a time - and I really enjoyed it.

I also ate fairly healthily too, and again, I loved it and loved how it made me feel.

But all of that seems to have fallen by the wayside at the moment and maybe it has a little bit of something to do with me not having any knowledge of what I should be doing during pregnancy or how to do it properly.

The only thing I do know for certain is that as soon as I found out Baby Baker was in there I felt instantly protective and I had this immense uncertainty to do anything that could potentially put her at any risk.

You see having a baby had been a dream, a hope, a wish for us for so many years.

As soon as that test showed positive - although I did continue to go running (albeit cautiously) for quite a few weeks into my first trimester - I just remember feeling very protective of my teeny bump and a little like my jumping about like a crazy-woman could be doing some harm.

Perhaps if I'd researched more I would have realised that in fact it was OK and safe to carry on as I was doing...but at the time I didn't feel too certain, so I stopped running.

I know it's not a huge disaster, I'll get back into it all once baby is here - I enjoy the healthy side of things too much not to - but a part of me wishes I'd had some of the information I've been given recently right from the word go, maybe then things would have been a little different for me weight-gain wise.

But I suppose it's never too late to learn new things, and recently, award winning pregnancy and post natal fitness expert, Dr Joanna Helcké has been giving me lots of useful hints and tips for my current stage of pregnancy via her on-line fitness service
(details here)

Obviously I haven't jumped straight back into my much loved, hardcore HIIT classes but I have been trying out a few of her "ease myself back into physical-ness" yoga moves.

Once I've had a little bit more of a play about with the website I'll be telling you all about it in more depth, however for now I thought I'd use this post to pass on a few of Dr Helcké's Pregnancy Do's and Do Not's - things I kind of wish I'd had pointed out to me from the very start of my pregnancy...


~ Try to maintain, rather than increase current fitness levels

~ If you did nothing at all before, it is OK to begin, but start small - take short walks rather than signing up for that 10k run...

~ Speak to your midwife and keep them in the loop of things you are doing - any changes to your well-being may mean exercise should be stopped for a while (for example, developing a low-lying placenta in late pregnancy)

~ Eat well
A small, carb-packed snack (oat cakes perhaps?) a few hours before any exercise will help to keep energy levels up and may even help with morning sickness

~ Drink plenty of water at all times during exercise

~ If doing floor based yoga or Pilate's remember to stand slowly afterwards as jumping up suddenly may cause faintness

~ Listen to your body - if exercise begins to hurt or feel uncomfortable stop straight away but if it feels fine and comfortable (and midwife says it's OK) then carry on

~ Remember to keep doing daily pelvic floor exercises!

Do Not:

~ Exercising when it is too hot can make baby overheat so avoid getting too warm and avoid any exercise in  overly warm temperatures

~ It is dangerous to hold your breath during exercise so don't do this at any time - it puts too much pressure on the pelvic floor, and (obviously) isn't good for baby

~ Try not to forget that your balance is affected most during the third trimester (as you get bigger) - take this into account with the type of exercise you choose to do

~ It is never too late to start pelvic floor exercises even if you haven't done them before!

Fairly simple stuff really, but I know that having them all there in front of me has really helped to alleviate a few of the worries I had surrounding keeping fit and keeping Baby Baker safe and well.

I hope passing them on will help you too

* online subscription provided free of charge to access, review & look into - honest review coming soon


  1. Aw Simone you deffo need to cut yourself some slack - of course your body will change (and you'll still look gorgeous I'm sure!). Tbh I'd have been the same and would have been scared to attempt the gym etc in fear of hurting the little one! But it's good to know that it's okay to stay active, I'll bare it in mind for when my time comes haha!

    Have a lovely week :)

    Gabby xo

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