Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Harry Potter - A Day Filled With "Sweets And Treats"

Although the whole of last Thursday didn't quite go as planned (but the less on that the better) the main part of the day was out of this world amazing.

But why so spectacular?

Well, myself, the Hubby and son, very excitedly, made our second fabulous trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden.

I absolutely love the place, it is just so magical and I don't think I could ever get fed up or bored of going.

How on earth could you??

It's a whole building dedicated solely to everything Harry Potter...


Before we set off, I did have a little ponder as to whether anything would have altered from our first visit last year - check out the post here - but I needn't have worried - there were so many fresh, new and exciting things to see and explore.

Adding all of these new, exciting things really is a clever idea because they genuinely do help to keep the rest of the exhibitions - the more permanent fixtures - all fresh and exciting too.

So, the main purpose of this visit (like you need a reason!) was to have a look into the world of the Harry Potter "Sweets And Treats" secrets.

And right from the word go I found lots of these "permanent features" dressed especially in honour of this event.

The stunning great hall - which can't help but gather a collective gasp of amazement from everyone - was this time decorated with various varieties of sweet treats - all of which were fake (to prevent spoiling under the harsh lights during filming) and all of which really did appear in the films...

They looked blooming yummy too I must add.

We wandered around, taking everything in again, pointing out things we may have missed on our last visit

My son, a year older and a lot more confident this time around, ran to join the queue to experience green-screen-broom-flying (which looked great by the way) and then to practise his casting-spells-wand techniques...

He then looked on in disgust at the new-to-us, very large feature of Voldemort's table, complete with huge Nagini figure...

~ Quite terrifying ~

It was nearby, that we stumbled across the Ministry Munchies food cart which was filled with a vast array of delicious looking sweet treats, all of which were fake but certainly looked like the real deal...

The ladies making the "food" explained to us that most of what we could see - except the green gillyweed (which actually was real because it had to be eaten)...

...was fake and handmade to look real - it was very impressive and shows just how much thought and detail went into each and every single part of the movies...

 I mean just think how many plates of food there were in each film - that really is a lot of fake foodie goodness having to be handmade...

And it all looked so tempting - definitely some very talented people involved in the making of it that's for sure - I was in awe.

And the awe-inspiring-ness didn't stop there

We rounded a corner and my jaw literally just about hit the ground.

I was confronted with the very huge, very amazing Hogwarts Express on a very real looking Platform 9 3/4...

It was stunning.

And we were even able to pop on and off of the train, were able to sit in actual carriages and were even scared out of our wits by dementors...

...all before drooling at the majorly crammed sweet cart Harry and Ron practically devoured on one of their many trips to Hogwarts...

Even Scabbers was enjoying all of the "sweets and treats" he could find...

~ Brilliant ~

And what else we thought was brilliant (apart from - erm - everything) was the fact that not only is there still actual real-life Butterbeer on offer to purchase, but the Sweets And Treats excitement continued into the restaurant too, bringing with it an all new Butterbeer flavoured ice-cream...

...very yum, if not ever so slightly too sweet for me - but my son, of course, wolfed the lot.

With full tummies we continued with the last leg of the tour, finding more Sweets And Treats goodness as we went...

There was just so much information to read, take in and remember.

I really can't wait until my next magical visit...

...I just know I can't wait another full year to get my next Potter fix...

* tickets provided free of charge - all opinions, pictures & words are 100% my own


  1. Lovely post! I recently went to the Harry Potter Studios too - it was such an amazing place to visit. :)

    1. Its amazing isnt it. I could never get fed up there. :-) x

  2. Loved everything about the books, always love the little extras on DVD's about how things were made - but without spoiling the magic, hopefully this attraction does the same, really hope to visit one day.

    1. It's amazing - you really should check it out. :) x

  3. Oh I am so jealous - I have been dying to go to the tour! I need to blackmail someone into coming with me...

    Dannie x

    1. You HAVE to go - it's amazing...and I'm sure you'll have a LOT of willing volunteers :)


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