Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Broadway, Bradford - Pre-Christmas Competition

How close is it to Christmas?

I'm so not ready this year - not at all.

In fact I haven't even set foot inside of an actual shop to buy any pressies as of yet, the few I have managed to buy have simply been on-line purchases.

But I'm sorting it, I'm making myself venture into town later this week - which is going to be a mission and a half with my bus-sized pram and Baby Baker in tow - but it has to be done.

Luckily for me though, this years shopping trip is going to be a whole lot easier now that Bradford has it's all new, fairly mahoosive shopping centre, Broadway which is having it's very first Christmas this year - just like Baby Baker - after it was opened on 5th November by none other than Alexandra Burke.

At least by heading there I know that everything I need will be easily assessable and all under the one roof.

There is an Entertainer, a Clinique, Benefit, Kiko, MAC (oh yes, Bradford actually has a MAC - woohoo), H&M (WOOHOO!!), Next, M&S - and many more.

There is just so much choice.

And when myself and my little lady need a pit stop we again have a whole load of foodie type choice too - Burger King, Taco Bell, Patisserie Valerie (oh my days!), to name just a few.

The whole place is really making my impossible-seeming "lets-put-it-off-forever" shopping trip seem a lot more bearable.

And what's even more bearable is the fact that, since I have teamed up with The Broadway, I am able to offer one lucky person the chance to win a £50 Broadway voucher to spend in any of those fab shops.

Perfect in the run up to Christmas eh!!

I mean I'm sure an extra £50 wouldn't go a-miss over the next few days now would it!

And all you have to do is answer this question in the comments section below...

"What is your favourite shop within Broadway and what do you want Santa to bring you from there?"

To make sure everything is as fair as possible, I'm going to ask my very lovely, impartial Mother (who knows nothing about the whole blogging world) to simply pick her favourite answer from the entries and that person will win the voucher.

~ Nice and easy ~

The competition will only run until 11pm on Saturday 19th December - I need time to contact the winner and get the voucher out in the post first thing on Monday morning so it hopefully gets to them on Tuesday.

Plenty of time for a crazy mad-dash down to Broadway to get it all spent before the big day...
(The Broadway is open Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 11am-5pm - loads of shopping hours)

...or maybe just keep it safe and sound until all of those crazy sales hit on Boxing Day...

...and then hopefully pick up some fabulous bargains...

I may even see you there, flitting between the shops.

Happy Entering - I very much look forward to reading your answers!

* post & competition in collaboration with The Broadway, Bradford


  1. Hi lovely lady. My fave shop would be good old Debenhams and I would love love love santa to bring me a beautiful pair of Jenny Packham shoes that I have seen. These aren't just any old shoes, they are bridal shoes and would go perfectly with my beautiful dress for our upcoming wedding. At £85, a £50 voucher would be a huge help in getting me my dream shoes. Iv got everything crossed. ��☺��☺ xxx

  2. Great competition. The Broadway is a fantastic place to shop and it is brilliant having a proper department store back in the city. Jenny's answer about her wedding shoes is a great one. Planning a wedding is just so expensive so any help towards the cost makes a huge difference. So if i won the £50 voucher, i'd gift it to Jenny to help her have the perfect day.

  3. Though I'm sure Santa could find me something wonderful in pretty much any of the broadway shops (hello MAC cosmetics!), I'd love to have £50 to spend in Patisserie Valerie so I could treat my nearest and dearest to some much-needed relaxing tea and cakes after the Christmas madness!

  4. Mac mac mac....having to trail all the way to leeds is a long distant memory. Right on my door step, make overs and more,doesn't get much better. I know for sure winning an extra Christmas present would make my year. Maybe a little extra treat for my lovely mum too :) Fingers crossed everyone.

    1. Congrats! My Mum pulled your name out of the hat...well it was a dish...can you email me asap please marriedtoageek11@gmail.com to claim the prize. If I havent heard by Tues Ill pick another winner. Ta. xxx

  5. I have to say Debenhams. With the lovely range of products there's always that perfect gift for someone special. I love giving that perfect gift and seeing someone smile and I'm never disappointed with Debenhams. Since I have been extremely good this year (I hope) it would be lovely if Santa brought me a Prada candy gift set. It smells divine....A gift card would be perfect! :)

  6. Hello to your mum! I am returning to work after maternity leave soon and I would treat myself to something new for work from Next as I stretched all my old clothes when pregnant!

  7. Hi I've just moved into the area and love finding out about what's here from your blog. As ridiculous as it sounds I would use the voucher to go to taco bell with my husband! We went there on our honeymoon in florida and loved it. It would be a slightly odd but romantic treat for him......

  8. Oh ditto! I nearly cried reading your comment. What a lovely gesture. Proof that there really are some lovely people out there. Merry Christmas to you. ☺ x

  9. That was for duttyo, not ditto.

  10. The answers are so good - my Mum will never be able to choose so Im going to ask her to pull a winners name out of a hat. :-)

  11. Got to be river island ! My husband (Santa) is very wonderful however he is also very forgetful which means he will have forgotten the umpteen prompts about a bag I'd written to i the North Pole about, either that or the letter got lost n the post!

  12. I'd head to Pandora and buy both myself and my mum a new charm for our bracelets so we would always have a reminder of each other when we're apart :) She's my best friend so it would be a nice gesture! (well worth the extra pennies I might have to add haha)

  13. I'd probably get a new fragrance from the The Perfume Store so I can smell fabulous throughout the whole of 2016

  14. As I said, my Mum couldnt choose from the answers (typical!) so she pulled a name from a hat - the winner is Angelica Rose. Congrats (& sorry everyone else!) - there is no email address in your comment though so can you get in touch please - marriedtoageek11@gmail.com - by Tues morning if not I'll draw another winner. :-)

  15. Yey thank u so much. Will email u now :)


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