Thursday, 10 December 2015

Travelling The Cities With Uber

I am car less.

And I am hating everything there is to hate about this situation.

It's blooming terrible.

I've come to the conclusion that after years and years of driving, of using a car, of relying on a car I can't actually abide being without one.

Who knew just how much you get used to them.

If you follow me on Twitter you may know why I am moaning on (again!) about this car situation - I was involved in a (totally faultless) car accident on the motorway back in July, and since then - yep, you guessed it - car less.

I know I shouldn't moan really, I mean we were very lucky to just be able to walk away and obviously I do realise this whole car thing is only an inconvenience.

But ugh - what an inconvenience it is - and here I was actually thinking we could do without a vehicle forever...

...I was wrong...

Very wrong.

Buses, on the school run, at 8am, with two kiddies in tow and in bouncing down rain is never going to be fun.

Never ever.

And neither is having to miss your son playing rugby week after week because you can't actually get buses so early on a Sunday morning heading miles and miles away to some remote muddy field.

It's rubbish.

And there I go - moaning again.

But maybe I don't need to complain so much...

...because I have very recently discovered that my home town of Bradford actually has Uber.

And as it turns out a whole lot of cities have Uber too...

Leeds (Bradford)
Home Counties

But what exactly is Uber?

Well quite simply, they are a car service.

But a really quick to source kind of a car service, one which can be ordered and paid for directly from an app on your smartphone.

~ No phone calls

~ No fumbling around for cash

What could be easier?

Well how about a free £15 ride?

Yep - FREE

Sounds good doesn't it and all you have to do is download the app (which is free), set up an account (which takes seconds) and then use the promo code MTAG15 for your credit to be applied...

...then simply find your pick up location, tap "Request Now" then sit back and wait for your car.

~ Brilliant ~

I certainly know a few people who are going to love this...especially after a particularly party-heavy night out.

Let me know how you get on with Uber - and enjoy the discounted ride

* post in collaboration with Uber. Words & thoughts my own

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