Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Trying To Style My Way To Spain...

Lately, whenever I look in the mirror I'm forced to suppress a sigh because the sight looking back is anything but "fashionista".

I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes - and another one at my Mum's house too - but nothing fits me properly anymore and it's more than a little depressing.

But I suppose I have just spent nine months growing a beautiful little human - a time when my mind certainly wasn't on how I looked - and then the past nine months have focused on nurturing and caring for my new little bundle and nothing about this time has revolved around myself one little bit.

But I'm beginning to think enough is enough now - obviously my kiddies come first and that will never, ever change - but I reckon it's about time Mummy began to feel a little more like herself again.

And what better way to start than by daydreaming of warm nights, wandering around beautiful, picturesque Spanish streets looking and feeling on top of the world...

* sigh *

Yes please.

So when I heard about a competition Clickstay are currently running, well, I wanted in.

And even if I don't win a fabulously fancy-pants prize at least I've found a beautiful outfit and reminded myself that I do still have it in me to do this fashion thing.

So what outfit do I think is Spanish holiday worthy?

I've never actually been that much of a fan of maxi dresses before - don't get me wrong they are very pretty and I always want to love them, but no matter what I try they always seem to just sit in all the wrong, totally unflattering places on me.

However this one, now this one I totally love - all floaty, girly, pretty and with such an amazing back detail - it's stunning.

But it does have quite a busy pattern to it and such a busy dress needs only simplistic additions to style it - a pretty, understated floral crown to add to my long, beach wavy hair plus a pair of simple, silver jewelled sandals - flats of course
(come on, I'm a Mum of two - I can't exactly be tottering around cobbled Spanish streets, running after children in skyscraper heels now can I)

This whole outfit just shouts "Spanish Villa" to me and where else should it be taken to best show it off than the very glamorous Marbella and into this uber stylish, private villa...
(come on - a girl can dream!)

Spacious - it sleeps ten - modern and beautiful, what's not to love.

I can just picture myself lounging on those white loungers, floaty dress billowing in the slight Spanish breeze...

~ Bliss ~

And then, to complete my "I'm a Princess" transformation fully there is all of this to enjoy inside...

Simplistic and stunning.

Oh - and there is even a room for the kiddies too...

You see - this villa was just meant for me.

Make sure you pop along to Clickstay - page found here - and enter their competition to win yourself £500 of fabulous holiday villa vouchers plus some rather lovely suitcases to take along on your travels too.

It would seem that dreaming of Spanish luxury really does help get my fashion savvy head back on doesn't it.

And if that's what it takes, well, I sure can live with that...

* a competition entry post - pictures from Clickstay

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