Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Baby & Toddler Show, Manchester - Freebie Ticket Offer

Just a quick Wednesday "Hello" from me today...

I know that I'm not alone in my love of spending money - I take zero persuading in wanting to splash that cash - even when my bank account is seriously crying at me I just can't help myself.

These days however, it is very rare that I spend anything on myself and when I do it's a very forced activity.

But buying things for the kiddies, oooh well I love it - the things seem to just levitate towards's effortless.

Especially now that I'm allowed to go mad with all of the pretty pink, glittery, fluffy girly things - it's great.

Imagine then, me being let loose at an event put on entirely focused on things for the little that could get a tad dangerous...

But danger is my middle name, so I'm doing it - I'm preparing myself and I'm ready to attend my first ever Baby & Toddler Show in Manchester this year.

I had planned to go last year but decided I was a little too pregnant to chance it - there was a week to my due date - but I intend to make up for it this time round.

I'm think I'll be heading straight over to the Red Cross for their #RappedUp feature - I seriously need some first aid knowledge and I may (read as "must") check out a few of the brands who will be there...well it would be rude not to pop over and say "Hello" now wouldn't it...

And if you yourself fancy winning a ticket yourself to the show, well I have a pair to give away to one lucky person for the Manchester event being held over the weekend of 7-9 October 2016.

Just check out the Rafflecopter below...

You win, you pick your date - it couldn't be simpler.

Oh and even if you don't win, don't fret - code BTN31 gets you a third off of adult tickets (under 16's go free) when you purchase your ticket.

Aren't I (well, The Baby & Toddler Show) good to you.

Come say Hi if you spot us won't you

* I shall be attending the B&TS with a pair of free tickets gifted to me - words all my own, image isn't but I have permission

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