Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Patisserie Valerie And Their Amazing Madame Valerie Gateau

In this world, no matter how focused and dedicated I am, there are a few things that will always tempt me to sway from any kind of healthy eating regime.

Oh come on, who am I kidding - there are a whole lot of things out there that tempt me to veer away from the salad and the veggies because I really, really love my food - but still, I do try.

But then when things such as this are presented to me...

...can you see why the struggle is very, very real!?

I mean just look at it - isn't it divine.

* sigh *

Now this beautiful looking creation was made to order, just for me, by - as you've probably guessed - those amazingly lovely people over at Patisserie Valerie.

I've made no secret of my love for these cake-creating-geniuses after they wow'd me with their afternoon tea selection a few years ago, so when they asked if I would like to order and collect an all new, very beautiful, limited edition Madame Valerie Gateau, well how on earth could I say "No".

Just stepping foot into one of their luxurious shops is a total treat to the senses, one which is loaded with temptation...

And then I actually walked out with the largest boxed up temptation of them all...

The Madame Valerie is a gateau which is made up of five yummy layers of chocolate and caramel made all the more fantastic by having slightly crunchy pieces of honeycomb infused within as well.

It looks amazing doesn't it, and couldn't fail to *wow* at any event...

It certainly worked on my son - he was all wide-eyed and couldn't wait to tuck in from the second he spotted it.

But that's hardly surprising really is it - the decoration is just something else - white chocolate shavings, salted caramel, full sized chocolate truffles sitting there in their own individual chocolate cups...

...oooh yes please...

And naturally - purely for research purposes of course - I did have to have a tiny little slither (the things we have to do eh...) and Oh. My. Goodness. it really does taste as fantastic as it looks.

The flavours compliment each other perfectly.

It was so soft and fresh and gooey and chocolatey all at once, only made even better by the hints of caramel and of course, those honeycomb pieces running throughout...

And despite my very messy cut-into photographs (sorry!) you can certainly see why this Madame Valerie has got to be by far the most special sweet treat I've had in my hands for a long while.

~ It was amazing ~

And whilst it is available to order now, as it is a limited edition creation (and was actually designed by a customer in a competition) it won't be around after April 2017 so if you fancy treating yourself - or someone special (it's Valentine's Day very soon don't forget...) - then I suggest you hot-foot it into your nearest Patisserie Valerie and get an order placed as soon as possible.

This you do not want to miss out on - trust me.

* gateau provided free of charge - all words, thoughts & images are 100% my own


  1. Goodness me, that's beautiful!
    haha I better get myself down to Patisserie Valerie soon!

  2. That looks amazing! There is a Patisserie Valerie in Newcastle and I am so going to buy a cake for my other halfs birthday x

    1. Oooh fabulous - let me know which one you end up choosing.

  3. Wow, this looks incredible! I'm really craving chocolate now haha

    1. Eeek sorry - a chocoholics dream right there :)

  4. DAMN that looks good! A Patisserie Valerie opened in Newcastle months ago and I still haven't been!

    1. You have to get yourself there...and write a post so i can drool over your choices :) xx

  5. I can feel my mouth getting watery just looking at this! haha, you're so lucky x


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