Thursday, 15 June 2017

Where Did Kitten Kollege Get My Cat?

I've always been a cat person, right from being young we always had one or two pet cats showing us who was boss, doing crazy cat races from room to room at 2am with their kitten food everywhere - the house never seemed like a home without one.

Things didn't change as I got older either, I mean yes, I may have moved out of home to buy a place of my own, but that Cat Lady within just wouldn't let them go.

And so, a whole lot of years ago now, we welcomed a crazy little brother and sister duo into our home.

Mario and Peaches...

They were such a double act and never failed to make us laugh...

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know just how individual and unique they actually are - they really do have their own little personalities and this is something the ever famous Whiskas wanted to illustrate with their Kitten Kollege Career Day...

For us, cat and kitten personality traits are so evident and really are true - whilst we very sadly lost Peaches, ooh almost a year ago now, she was certainly one on her own personality wise - she was a real "proper" lady, so elegant, charming with a real "I do as I please" attitude...

Her chosen career at Kitten Kollege would most certainly have been a sophisticated Lady Of The Manor, ruling over everyone, stating her claim as the lady in charge.

She was such a cutie.

And Mario - my huge, big softie of a fluff ball - what kind of a career could I see him having?

Well Mario has always been a real cuddly character - even before he came to live with us and we went to visit him, he just laid in our arms, belly up to the ceiling, legs in the air accepting all of the cuddles, and this hasn't changed one little bit...

...the size of him has altered quite a lot but not his need for affection - he is certainly still all about the love...

And so because of this I think the only thing he could be suited for in the world of work would to be someone who helps people, someone who makes others feel better by offering up lots of hugs and cuddles and love when it is needed the most.

He's fab with kiddies too, so I'd say my lovely Mario would be a most perfect, most loving and most caring Youth Worker...

He really is the best

* sponsored post in collaboration with Whiskas - all thoughts & images 100% my own. Check out their website or YouTube channel for more info on the Kitten Kollege and their cat food


  1. Such beautiful kitties! I was so sad to hear about poor Peaches.
    I've a kitty (or two) myself but despite always having them when I was younger I seem to have developed a terrible cat allergy!

    1. I know - it's a year this week since we lost her...poor lil thing xx


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