Monday, 30 October 2017

A Psychology Of Colour & My Mum

If you happened to stumble across a recent blog post of mine this past week, then it will come as no surprise when I say that a fair bit of my time in upcoming months is going to be sent cleaning up and decorating a teeny little flat my Mum should (hopefully!) be moving into in the very near future.

I actually can't wait to get it looking lovely for her - this will be the first place she has ever lived in where she has only had herself to please and although she has literally nothing (I'm working on this trust me!) I really want to help her make it as comfortable, as luxurious and as much hers as I possibly can.

She blooming deserves it.

Anyway, to keep decorating costs as low as possible our plan is to buy a huge tub of really cheap paint and some gloss and then use this to just tidy the whole place up and that way, by keeping the walls as plain, neutral and as simple as possible it allows a little room for manoeuvre in the colour of accessories choosing.

And, as myself and my Psychological background (I do have a degree in the subject don't ya know!) found very interesting to read recently, according to Thomas Sanderson, there is an actual Psychology Of Colour.

Why on earth would we keep everything plain, simple and as "just make do" as possible when, simply by adding a little more thought into our colour choices, there is a possibility that things such as well-being and mind-set could actually be improved?

Well trust me, at this stage anything that has the potential to help my Mum out - even a little bit - I'm very willing to look a little more into and give it a try
(which I'm sure you will have gathered by now)

So what colour would be good to have where?

Well, purple for example is supposed to bring about relaxation and promote comfort - ideal for a living room, and actually perfect for my Mum as (you wouldn't know it unless you knew her as she has zero purple in her current home) it is one of her favourite colours.

And of course, if anyone needs a little help in knowing how to relax and be comfortable then it's my Mother.

She is also in desperate need of access to a proper bathroom, and thankfully, in her new place she will be on the ground floor and will have a walk in shower - hurrah - but what colour would be best for decoration?


Well it wouldn't be my first choice for a bathroom - especially one that is small in size - but when teamed with rather a lot of a crisp, pure white, it certainly does scream sophistication and opulence and actually, it does look really rather fabulous.

Who knows, after a shower in her powerful, statement-making black bathroom my Mum may suddenly have a surge of energy and decide to take on the world...
(reality may be a tad different to this but we can always live in hope, eh)

Now decorating a bedroom is going to be a little bit of a "first in a long time" for my Mum because - as the first post explains - she hasn't had access to her bedroom for a few years now due to ill health and she doesn't even own a bed (!).

Having a really nice, fresh, "back to nature" green shade of decor could really make all the difference in setting a very serene bedtime atmosphere for her - perfect for relaxing and unwinding - something she sure does need.

Who knew colour could have such an impact on our everyday lives eh.

I'm certainly going to be diverting my Mum's attention away from beige and brown and more towards the usefulness of a little vibrancy.

Because like I said - anything that has the potential to help improve her mindset is a winner in my book

* sponsored post - words and thoughts are my own, Psych info & image used with permission

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