Monday, 11 December 2017

To Swim Or Not To Swim

I wrote a post a few days ago about how recent conversations with a friend about her new swimming hobby have led me to question a few of the things I think I really need to be doing.

And for the first time ever I actually can't seem to let go of the concept that, if I put my mind to it, I could learn to swim.

After all of these years of putting it off, of avoiding it, of thinking just how embarrassing it would be to have swimming lessons as an adult, if I remove all of my own excuses from the equation, then what's stopping me from doing it?

Nothing, that's what.

Not being able to swim made me very adamant that Charlie would be able to do it and when he was younger he had lessons (quite expensive lesson at that) every week without fail.

He only stopped them because he decided he didn't enjoy them anymore, but I made sure he had reached a level where if he were to fall into deep water then he would be able to save himself before I let him stop them because lets be honest, I'd be no blooming use rescuing anybody now would I.

And this situation is going to be exactly the same now that we have Willow.

We go (almost) every week at the moment, just to a little toddler splash session at our local pool but it's really good at getting her used to the water, to the pool environment and to knowing that it's all going to be fun so then hopefully, when the real lessons begin, she feels all familiar with her surroundings and can progress through the swimming ranks fairly quickly.

Obviously being all "girly clothing obsessed" as I am these days, finding that Willow has a love of the water has opened up a whole new avenue for shopping sprees - I mean have you seen some of the super cute girls swimwear options there are out there - forget leaving the buy-as-many-things-as-you-can to just the shoes and the handbags, there's now mega cute cossies, super stylish "safety wear" and not to mention the all important, super unique swim bags to splurge on...

There was none of this years ago though - a simple pair of swim shorts in a carrier bag did the trick back then.

But obviously I do know it's not really all about the frills and the sequins - I really want Willow to understand just how important it is to have the skill to swim - with it still being fun too of course.

Because once she has it all under her belt I'll rest safe knowing that when she's older she won't be missing out on amazing things such as swim parties or holiday water parks or sunshine boat trips like her Mummy did - she'll be there, right at the front, enjoying every single experience - but she will be able to enjoy it all safely.

And it's constantly niggling me that maybe I should at least give it a try myself...

Surely adult swimming lessons are focused at being less humiliating than my Middle School ones were...

Surely I won't be there in the shallow end with a group of six year old children in my arm bands attempting a star float...

Surely not...

And, if I do go through with it not only will I have overcome something that has really held me back over the years but it would mean that I can then be the Mum who is up there, showing her children what to do rather than the one waiting, watching patiently from the shallow end.

It's certainly a course of action I'm seriously considering anyway...

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