Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Party Hard, Train Harder - Raising Cash For Teenage Cancer Trust

~ Happy 2018 Everyone ~

Naturally, as I do every year, I've made a little vow to myself that I will get myself healthier and fitter this year.

And what better way to do this, to spur myself on and keep myself fully motivated than by pairing this little "get me fit" plan with helping a very worthwhile charity - the Teenage Cancer Trust - raise some much needed funds to help support the amazing work they do with young people suffering with cancer... taking part in their "Party Hard, Train Harder" campaign.

Now, being very less "party animal" these days I have jumped into this challenge totally as a way to get myself active again because the challenge states that each day throughout all of January 10,000 steps - at least - have to be clocked up.

And whilst I realise that for a lot of people this really isn't much of a challenge at all - I know that if I had taken part back when I worked full time I could have met this before lunch time even arrived - but right now, well, things are a little bit different.

Being a stay at home Mum - despite chasing a toddler around all day - I know I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be and even today, just being on day three of the challenge I've found that I'm really having to think and push myself to even come close to meeting the goal...

Day One - we took a family walk through the woods...

Day Two - I popped Willow in the pram - before 9am too let me add - and off to the bank we went - on foot rather than in the car...

I'm actually really enjoying it and can already feel the extra effort working...but easy it is not.

Can I keep it going though...?

And for a full thirty-one days...?

Time will tell, however if you have faith in my abilities and want to help spur me on whilst also helping a very worthwhile charity, simply click on the link below and donate (please!)
(all contributions will go direct to the charity via the JustGiving page)

I very much appreciate all of the help and support

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