Sunday, 1 July 2018

Reducing The Costs Of A Funeral

So, this is a slightly different subject for me, something I'll admit I haven't really thought too much about really and something that's I don't really want to think about all too often...but it's certainly something I'm going to have to think about at some-point.

And that is funeral and funeral costs.

There's a bright and breezy Monday morning sentence if there ever was one eh.

I'm going to put it out there and say I can imagine arranging a funeral could be rather expensive and naturally, very stressful but I was actually quite shocked to read that the average funeral could cost around £3,500 so it is understandable that so many people are looking for ways to try to keep these costs as low as possible and are avoiding paying for anything which is unnecessary.
I spotted a few tips on how to organise a funeral on a budget...

Pre-Plan as much as possible:
And as much as this is not always possible, pre-planning funerals and getting the necessary arrangements made ahead of time can save a lot of money.
It's not great to think about, but my Nan has been saving for her own funeral for years...her life savings are sat there, waiting for her funeral...
But it's a fact that the shorter notice you require from certain funeral services the more expensive they tend to be, so pre-planning as many aspects as possible will really help with costs.

Compare Prices:
Making sure you aim to get the best price for your funeral director and their services is one of the best ways to minimise costs.
Most people tend to know their local funeral director and stick with them, but it may be beneficial to compare multiple until you get the best price.
This can be done by using a directory tool for funeral directors such as Local Funeral.

More often than not, publications which have obituary sections charge people per word.
As you can imagine, if you have a long obituary, this can quickly run up quite a costly bill.
It is best to really optimise what you are submitting for publication so that you are saying what you need to say but are reducing your costs.

More and more often nowadays people are skipping the embalming aspect of the body preparation process - not only is it more expensive but it is also very harmful for the environment too.
It may be a good idea if you are not particularly bothered about embalming, to skip the process altogether as this will again save money - this article by gives a few pros and cons of embalming

Most people tend to get an urn as a package with the funeral director, but this can be an unnecessary expense.
Finding alternative ways to source an urn could save a good amount of money, it may just require some independent research and extra time.

And so hopefully, by popping these few tips on how to organise a funeral on a budget here, it may helped someone somewhere to make such a stressful and upsetting time that little bit easier...

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