Monday, 1 October 2018

Car Safety Preperations

Happy October everyone!

Yes, yes, I know my posts are very few and far between right now but I'm working on creating a bit more of a work-life-blog balance, but for the time being I'll make sure I'm checking in here as often as my weary, Baby Sharked out head allows.

I'm actually a little bit baffled at how quickly this year is flying by - how on earth is it October already?!

It seems we've gone from a blazing, scorching hot summer to freezing-get-those-thermals-out Winter in the blink of an eye.

Winter...oh winter...

I mean as much as having too much heat fills me with dread the whole winter thing and it's icy, snowy conditions really doesn't bring me much joy either I must admit - especially if I'm having to drive in the stuff.

It's an actual nightmare of mine - especially when I have my kiddies with me - and now, what with me being responsible daily for other people's children in my whole new childminder role it's something which scares me even more.

However that being said, whilst I don't plan on taking the car out often during the freezing months, there are things I'm going to make sure I do to keep the journeys that I absolutely must do as safe as possible.

I'm going to make sure my car is in the best condition it can be, so...

~ it's going to have it's regular, yearly service
I mean I know zilch about cars myself I'm not going to lie, so to make sure it runs as smoothly as it can do, is as safe and working as well as it should be, those professionals are the only people I'm going to turn to to be keeping an eye on things going on under the bonnet.

~ the tyre pressure will continue to be checked and topped up regularly
I have to admit there was a time when the tyre pressure in our car must have slipped and the difference it made to the drive was actually quite scary.
We topped it up with air the second we noticed and the car instantly felt safer - plus it's not that difficult a job to do at a local petrol station either so there really is no excuse.

~ the tyres will be checked and realigned or replaced as regularly as they need to be
I mean the tyres are the part of the car that touch the road...the road being the surface you want the car to stick to as much as possible throughout any season - and in winter what with all the ice and the wet, slippery conditions keeping the tyres as efficient as possible is an absolute must.

~ the exhaust will be checked often
I mean how could it not be, what with all those fumes...
Fumes, people and small, confined spaces are a no go area after all so it goes without saying that fumes, smaller people and small confined spaces are obviously never going to mix - chocked exhausts can really cause a whole lot of problems (something Ossett Tyre House work hard to resolve).

But whether it's a red hot summer or an icy cold winter, if you do have to travel by car there is always a stress on staying safe, being careful, looking out for yourself and taking care.

The first way this can be achieved is by obviously keeping the car you drive as safe, as checked up on and as road-worthy as possible all year round.

Car safety really is paramount - make sure you take it on board and factor in the all important checks as often as possible

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