Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Smooth Driving And Car Tyre Tips

Last night I was all impulsive and decided I was going to look at booking us a bit of a break away as a family.

The Hubby works his be-hind off at work and those two kiddies of mine really do deserve a brilliant treat, and well, what with my next holiday not being until April 2019 now I'm already feeling that by that point I'm going to be in desperate need of a rest from normality

So I went for it...

...and then got as far as just looking (erm "Hello" mega expensive caravan holiday prices!)

Not all that impulsive then eh.

But we are going to go away next year and I really do mean that, I'm just not hitting that "book now" button just yet.

Whenever I think of caravan holidays though, it always leads my train of thought to a lovely friend - well relative - of mine, Kel, who really is a dab hand when it comes to holidaying and she takes herself and her lovely family on some really amazing jaunts - one particular trip I'm quite jealous of was an amazingly picturesque visit to Scotland they went on not too long ago.

Now I haven't visited Scotland for a very long time (well I did hit Gretna Green in 2011 but that was for very different reasons to holidaying...) but I do remember it being brilliant, very pretty and a tad cold too.

And I also know that it took a fair while to get all the way up there in the car - and that was from my child perspective and I'm sure I slept my way through the majority of the journey - being an adult and actually having to drive all that way myself...eeek - I'm not sure how I would fair with that if I'm honest.

I'm not very confident with the whole long distance, travelling to places unknown type driving as it is but I'd say Scotland takes me about as far out of my driving comfort zone as I could possibly ever get...

~ there are few motorways and lots of A roads...
...and whilst motorways aren't really all that fun for me, once I'm on one and have my trusty sat nav for the direction part it's very much "right off you go, stay steady and stay in the slow lane" - I'm no good with all those winding, countryside roads at all...

~ Scottish weather is rather extreme...
...I know I've seen the news very often where here in Yorkshire we haven't even a hint of a snowflake appearing and Scotland has been under a huge, snowy siege and that's really no good for me...no good at all (I don't do ice...or snow...)

And it's this extreme weather uncertainty that is the main reason I'm all terrified of Scottish roads - I mean right now, here as I write this post, the Met Office is actually issuing a "danger to life" warning for wind in Glasgow.


...that could danger lives...

Needless to say if I ever do drive on Scottish soil my car will be in tip top condition beforehand and the tyres will be fully maintained and checked to within an inch of their little lives - I mean those four things are the only grip keeping myself and my car fixed firmly to the road so they are going to be very much looked after.

And I have checked too - just "incase" - and buying tyres in places such as Ayr is easy to do from the Point S website, where tyres can be easily chosen online so even if I arrive in Scotland and then were to hit a tyre related snag, I could be sorted and good to go again in no time.

I'll be making sure that...

~ any new tyres I buy will be the right size for my car by checking their measurements (which are printed in raised lettering on the outside edge of each tyre) and no matter how hard they are to spot they will be on there somewhere.

~ older tyres are in a safe, legal working order and I'll be checking certain aspects regularly - the tyre tread depth and the tyre pressure are vital to maintain optimum safety.

Driving around anywhere - be it your local city centre or trekking (for me anyway!) wayyy North to Scotland - is always going to dangerous with faulty, unsafe, unchecked tyres.

And isn't is always a matter of "safety first"...

Get those tyres checked and keep those cars safe people

* post contains a sponsored link - words, thoughts and images are my own

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