Sunday, 3 March 2019

Choosing The Right Car For You

So, as well as Willow, we have a teen in our home - as you well know - and we are fast approaching him being able to take driving lessons (holy hell!).

We - all of us drivers anyway - know that passing your test and being allowed to drive out on the open road is a huge success that deserves to be celebrated, and that's the same if you're a newly-17 year old passing on your first try or if you waited until a little later in life to start learning - it's such a huge achievement.

However, once the celebrations are done, then comes the hard part, finding yourself the perfect car and this in itself can be incredibly exciting - it goes without saying that purchasing a new car can be both stressful and expensive - a lot of thought needs to go into the process before the actual doing goes ahead.

With that in mind, here are some things you need to think about when buying a new car...

How much money you can realistically spend...

Now I know my son - like all teen (and not so teen) new drivers would love his first car to be flashy, to be expensive and to look amazing - splashing out on a new sports car would make him the envy of all of your friends (obviously!) but your first car has to be a more realistic purchase.

Being practical and setting a clear budget is the easiest way to steer clear of financial difficulty.

Because as well as the car itself there's the insurance - and how crazy are those costs - there's petrol, maintenance - it's a potential money minefield, so buying the car should be as cost savvy as possible.

What you actually need from your car...

Will the car be used everyday?

Will it be used for the weekends?

Will it be used for long-haul trips away?

The car should match your needs - road trippers will need a car suitable for the places they are likely to head to; tech-savvy drivers may want a car that makes long journeys a breeze (like the Vauxhall Mokka x 4x4 which boasts a range of exciting features such as cruise control, parking sensors and electric windows).

Finding the right car can be a breeze - you just need to have a clear idea of what you want ahead of time. 

How much care and maintenance the car requires...

Whether you are buying a vehicle second hand, or a brand new model, it goes without saying that you have to ensure you keep your car in good working order.

This can include taking steps to care for your car breaks or scheduling a regular MOT. However, some vehicles require a little more maintenance than others, making them more expensive in the long run. As a result, you must consider the cost (both in terms of money and time) of maintenance for each car you consider purchasing.  

Once you have considered the above options, you’re really ready to commit and purchase that first car...

And then once the keys are in your hand - it’s time to hit the open roads and see what adventures await you - whether you are heading out on family staycations and holidays or simply driving home.

Putting consideration into the perfect car for you is certainly an importanat car-owner step...

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