Sunday, 14 April 2019

SnapIt - Being Perfectly Practical In Every Way...

It doesn't matter how poorly or how wiped out these little humans of ours are, there always seems to be a moment which presents itself - no matter how brief or how fleeting - where they manage to muster up just enough energy to add a little bit of their own type of chaos into a situation.

Willow's been really off it recently - I mean when this kid gets poorly, she really goes for it full throttle - shes had an eye infection and a throat infection and has literally coughed none stop for the past week... and night...

I won't say it's been "fun", more exhausting - for all involved.

She's still not at the other side of it yet, but her "antics" are becoming more frequent again so I know she's starting to feel a little better.

But whether it's pulling out boxes (upon boxes!) of toys, climbing on tables, or her current favourite - pulling off my glasses and legging it around the house with them whilst I scramble after her in a blind panic - she's always managing to keep me on my toes that's for sure.

And for this reason, when I was asked if I wanted to have a handy little tool to look at and review - a SnapIt Glasses Repair Kit - although they are actually relatively easy to get hold of, I didn't hesitate...

I mean why spend hundreds of pounds (that I certainly don't have anyway!) getting broken glasses frames fixed when I have the ability to fix them myself.

So what is the SnapIt glasses repair kit?

Well it's a teeny, tiny - handbag perfect - sized case containing long, un-fiddly screws and a micro screwdriver.

All you do is drop the screw into the frame, screw it in using the teeny screwdriver and then snap off the end so it is the correct length.

And because the pack contains different length and width screws, the repair kit is universal to almost all glasses and sunglasses...

I'm certainly keeping mine on me at all times now anyway, well, because you never know.

And, because I'm kind like that, simply follow the steps in the box below to win a handy SnapIt set of your own...

It pays to be practical sometimes...

* paid collaboration - item gifted to me also

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