Monday, 19 August 2019

Creating a Zen Space Within The Home

Anyone who knows me will know that I very rarely manage to snaffle any time to myself these days but when I do snatch a few hours on an evening, there is nowhere else I would rather be than in my own home.

Our homes are often the place where we will spend most of our downtime, but - and especially in my household - they can sometimes be quite chaotic and busy.

I mean when you have children in a home, a space can go from zero to tornado-level-chaotic in a matter of seconds but it is really important to try and take the time to step away from all of this from time to time, to try and take a little time to relax and to just "zen out" once in a while.

And creating a specific place within the home which is simply for relaxation can be really beneficial - it allows some peace and quiet time, as well as providing a great time out just to reflect.

Such a space can be somewhere you may go to spend ten minutes each and every day, or it may be used for an hour once a week - whatever fits your schedule, but it should be somewhere which is just for you.

Lyme Bay Holidays very kindly sent me a really beautiful hamper so I could attempt to create my very own coastal-inspired zen space at home...

It was filled with lots of amazing things, including shell fairy lights, a super cosy blanket, some cute shells and room sprays, along with a really on-trend rope basket to store everything in -  it really is the perfect relaxation kit.

And so with hamper in hand, this post aims to offer up a few top tips for creating your own zen space at home. 

Keep it Minimal...
Make sure your zen space is free from everyday distractions and is kept as minimal as possible.

Having this calm, distraction-free environment around you will really allow you to completely relax.

Get rid of any clutter and leave just the basics - candles, a cushion, a blanket and a couple of books. 

Whilst I love the whole keep-it-minimal vibe, I do love my zen space to be cosy and relaxing; much like the Dorset Holiday Cottages from Lyme Bay Holidays.

The adorable blanket which was included inside my hamper was the perfect addition to my space - I can just picture myself cosying up with it in winter!

In order to make your own space as cosy as possible, choose some cushions and a blanket in a nice, calming, relaxing colour or perhaps pop in a comfy armchair or beanbag to relax on.

Now, having children myself I know that this is very much easier said than done, but trying - as much as possible - to keep your zen time as quiet and distraction-free as possible will really have benefits.

If nothing can stop your surroundings being noisy, pop on some headphones and listen to the sounds of the ocean or some relaxing music.

Having a quiet environment - even for just ten minutes - can really help you relax fully, even if just for a little while.

I love using scented candles and fragranced room sprays at home - they really freshen up the whole house and really do help with relaxation.

The two room fragrances within my hamper are from Crabtree & Evelyn (who are amazing I must add) and are ideal for spraying when I’m trying to relax.

I love the seaside scent as it completely transports me to thoughts of relaxing by the ocean.

Choose a fragrance which you find relaxing and then add some fragrances or candles to your space.

Natural light is fantastic for relaxation so if you can position your zen space near a window you’ll definitely feel the benefits...

Utilise a light curtain which will block any glare but will still allow plenty of calming light though.

If you’re not able to utilise natural light, then select some light fixtures which will provide a calming and relaxing light but aren't too bright.

And there you have it.

My top tips for creating a zen space at home - tips I will definitely be using whilst utilising all the lovely things in my hamper whilst I create my own zen space.

What would you include in your own space to make it super relaxing?

* collaborative post - hamper sent free of charge

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