Thursday, 10 October 2019

New Car Day? Used Car Day...?

I actually can't express how excited I am right now.

We - as in the four of us within our household - are actually heading away on a little holiday soon.

How exciting - and about time too.

I've been a little distracted lately, feeling a little "stuck inside my own head" and I haven't really been feeling - well anything really - so I'm hoping that the four days away will help with this a bit.

And yes, I know that to a fair few people out there, a short four days away to the very chilly coast in the middle of a wet and breezy October won't really seem like much of a holiday, but it's all we've got right now and I can not blooming wait.

I am a tad apprehensive about driving our I-would-really-love-an-updated-version-now-please Citroen all the way there and back though - it's a little battered and bruised these days - not to mention it is in great need of a thorough clean inside and's just so small and cramped...

...what with a teen, a four-year-old, a long weekends worth of things for us all, plus a little bike and I'm sure there will be a computer of some sort tagging along too (teenagers eh!)...

I'm thinking it will be a cramped few hours of a journey...

I'm also thinking...always thinking...what it would be like if we actually were in a position to have a new car...

Naturally, a brand new car would be the dream, but with our rubbish financial situation at the moment that's just not a possibility, but, what about a new-to-us car?

I mean obviously it would have to check out properly, but maybe that would be the solution to our cramped car situation...

...but what would I have to make sure I looked out for buying something so expensive second hand...

- Well, first up I think I would have to make sure I was shopping from a reputable dealer, one that ideally had been recommended by people I know and trust and one with a whole lot of positive feedback to avoid any after-sale issues.

- I would want to know how long a car had been on the market - I mean if no-one else had wanted it prior to myself and it has been sat there for a really long time, well I'd want to be asking why

- Seeing a full-service history, MOT certificates & any registration documents would be a must - I want to make sure any vehicle I invest any amount of cash into has been looked after properly

- What is the market value of the car and does it have any dents or scratches that could help negotiate on the asking price - I mean who wants to be paying over and above for anything...

- I would make sure I had an all-car-knowing person with me (because I'm just rubbish!) so they could check things like the VIN numbers match up and that there has been no "clocking" happening, which would be ruled out of course if shopping from a reputable dealer.

- And I would certainly ask for a test drive - no point in buying something so expensive unless you have actually heard it run and tested how it drives is there.

I suppose buying a second-hand car is always going to come with a few risks, but it is really important to keep as savvy headed as possible and ask all the right questions and make sure you visit somewhere like KAP Motors; a reliable used car dealer based in Brighton.

There's simply no way I could risk having my children in a car anything less than 100% safe

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