Monday, 11 January 2021

Going Away? Make Sure You Plan, Plan, Plan

With everything that's going on in my life right now, trust me, getting away from it all for a little bit would be amazing.

I know it's something that is easier said than done - doing everything all of the time with no breaks, no relaxation, no time out it’s not good for anyone and getting away on holiday provides much needed time you need to recharge...

I'm the worst person for doing this, but no matter how much you think you can "do it all" overworking yourself is going to bring you to a halt eventually and then you’ll be forced to take that much-needed break.

It’s really difficult to find the time to get away, but when you think about it, you should take that step back the second you relaise you're not having any time out to yourself... I said, easier said than done I know - it's not something I do too often either.

There's always something to consider isn't there - time off of work, losing out on (much needed!) money - it’s really no good for your health to keep that kind of life up though, but if finances are an issue, lenders like Buddy Loans can cover for you until you’ve got that money yourself, in extreme circumstances.

Health comes first before anything else I suppose doesn't it...

Overall health...

Working yourself hard every single day might not feel like it’s affecting you but if you keep it up without taking the time to stop and look after yourself, it will start to show.

People who live with too much stress show signs of early ageing and their bodies struggle to keep up.

One of the main reasons you need to get out and take a break is for your own health.

A short holiday can give your body and mind what it requires to get back to work feeling healthy.

A few evenings of relaxing isn’t going to help you clear your system fully.

New experiences...

It’s really important in life to not stick to the same old routine every day - getting yourself out there, trying something new can be great for your mental health.

Your views on life are limited to the things you’ve seen and experienced after all, so putting yourself in new situations can help you broaden your views on life, while also maybe even giving you a little more confidence.

People who have travelled alone have even reported that their confidence levels significantly increased after their travel-alone-journey - it’s a big leap that people often don’t take.

Time with loved ones...

If you’re part of a family, the time away can be great for everyone, especially if you’re a busy parent, the chances are you don’t often get time to spend with your loved ones.

Getting a week or so away from work and your usual responsibilities can allow you to focus on those around you.

Everyone needs the time to spend with their loved ones - what better way to do it than a holiday.

And even if you can’t get away from home there’s still such a thing as a staycation!

A lot of people have been stuck at home recently due to the current lockdown restrictions, but there’s plenty you can do while staying home.

Take the time to see what you can do in the local area, enjoy what you have already - it’s a lot cheaper than heading abroad, and it can help you to appreciate what you’ve got too.

Just do what you can to take time for yourself...


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