Friday, 26 March 2021

Important Holiday Considerations

I'm not shy about my love of travelling - particularly to places here in the UK - I do love me a good old Staycation.

But before we head out - especially with children, and especially with children who have additional needs, it’s essential first to plan - where will we stay?

A hotel, an AirBnb, a caraven, a guesthouse?

There's no way I'll ever just be winging our accommodation - I want quality, cleanliness and top-notch amenities to make sure I have a worthwhile stay and here are seven top amenities to consider before booking that place to stay...

Bed Linens...

The quality of bed linens significantly affects your sleep and by extension, your well-being (I mean who wants to risk stay in not-the-cleanest bed sheets).

When you’re on holiday in particular, you’re constantly exploring, sitting out in warmer-than-usual weather and it really takes it out of you.

When it comes to bed time, you want comfort...and cleanliness so you can relax and unwind properly.

For this reason then, a hotel with luxurious bedding like Richard Haworth's bed linens would be my choice - I want to relax and re-energise fully so I'm ready to go the next day.

Two great ways to know whether a hotel has good bedding are to check the hotel's website or to call ahead to inquire about it.

This will help narrow down your choices and help eventually pick the right hotel.

Better yet, hire a detail-oriented travel agent to help you quickly find a hotel with suitable amenities.

Trust, this decision will be worth every penny when you're relaxing fully on holiday.

Parking Services...

Regardless if you’re travelling using a rental car, or using your own car, it’d benefit checking beforehand if your preferred hotel provides parking locations.

Luckily, most hotels do offer free parking, so you’re bound to quickly find something suitable.

But make sure you double check as some places only provide off-site parking, which may be a security risk to your car, not to mention an inconvenience of parking in a separate location - a no from me with my little Whirlwind child.

If you’re going to pay for accommodation, pay for convenience too - check on the parking situation!

Additionally, ponder hotels with shuttle services, particularly if you’re a lone traveller.

This eliminates the need and costs for parking and potentially saves you a boatload of cash.

Dining Facilities...

Of course eating preferences will dictate the best accommodation for you, whether it's a hostel, bed and breakfast, a rental or a hotel.

Bear in mind that some vacation stays may list dining options without writing a price next to them - don't just assume it's all free, it's always best to make that call and check first.

Ideally, book a hotel with a restaurant and a lounge if you want to experience fine dining or a caravan with a kitchenette if you’d like to cook for yourself.

Bed and breakfasts are ideal if you don’t mind eating light meals occasionally.

By paying attention to the hotel’s dining facilities, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better financially in case you’ll need to pay for outdoor food.

Available food options will significantly impact your itinerary too, so getting them right is essential - you’ll need to schedule your outings to match up with hotel mealtimes or will need to prepare food before heading out for the day.

Pet friendly...

Today, travellers are willing to pay more than the average for their pet's comfort and accommodation when they head away form home and many hotels are actually switching to pet-friendly environments.

No longer do you have to travel without your pet; they can tag along now by booking hotels that cater to their needs.

A great start is to look for hotels with pet-friendly policies in terms of housekeeping and staff.

Next, check for hotels with pet-friendly diet menus to minimise the need to buy grab and go snacks, which aren’t always the best.

Other considerations include designated play areas, dog run trails, food utilities like bowls and increased accessibility for all kinds of pets.

Laundry Facilities...

It’s one thing to carry more clothes to make sure you have enough clean things to wear every day and a completely different ball game to travel with dirty clothes due to lack of laundry services - having an onsite laundry facility could help dramatically, especially if you are travelling with little ones.

Being able to use onsite washing machines and drying racks is an underrated hotel perk.

Many travellers don't realise how convenient and necessary laundry facilities are in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness whilst away from home.

To ensure you’re booking the right hotel, scour it's website to determine whether or not they offer onsite laundry facilities. Eventually, this will save you a lot of time, trouble and energy.

Complimentary Shuttles...

Getaways have a way of depleting you, especially on check-out days.

If you have a car rental, you’ll have no choice but to drive yourself to the airport, however, you can conveniently make it to your flight by enjoying the hotel's airport shuttle services.

Luckily, some hotels offer complimentary to and fro airport shuttles so you can choose from such hotel.

Besides, there’s a possibility the hotel can accommodate shuttle drives to popular tourist attractions too, making it easier for you to tour the destination on a budget.

Among the numerous amenities that give hotels good reviews is airport shuttles because they relieve travellers from renting cars or worrying about parking and logistics.

Aside from travelling to your dream destination, you want to have a comfortable stay that's worth your money and time.

Convenience is key, so please don’t skimp on it, instead, consider the above to help you identify what you need before reserving a hotel.

After all, it's a huge part of an amazing holiday...


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