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Six Home DIY Glue Gun Hacks

So, if you know me then you know I'm most certainly the kind of person that immediately reaches for the phone whenever something needs doing around the house - I mean, I'm getting better and I WILL have a bash at things myself, but it's not something I fully enjoy...

And that's OK - some people just can’t get their head around DIY and even the smallest of jobs require a professional, but the problem with this is, well, it quickly gets expensive and ther's no feeling of reward like if you fixed something yourself or decorated a room on your own. 

Naturally, there are some DIY jobs that you should leave to the professionals because they’re dangerous or require a lot of skill.

However, there are plenty of small fixes to be done by yourself - there are some great hacks you can do with glue guns to avoid any tricky DIY jobs too.

That’s right, glue guns, those little guns that people normally use for arts and crafts are actually a great tool to use around the home and they can help with so many jobs - I love my little pastel blue glue gun I must say.

Here are some of the best DIY home hacks that anybody can do with a glue gun - and if it's good enough for Stacey Soloman then it's good enough for me...

Hanging Mirrors and Pictures...

Now this is actually a great little tip and before you get ahead of yourself, no, it doesn’t involve sticking the mirror or picture straight to the wall.

It’s about making sure they stay straight and that the paint on your wall doesn’t get damaged.

If you hang a nice mirror on your wall using a nail, it sometimes shifts slightly doesn't it and becomes a bit wonky - picture frames can do the same - and, in the process, they sometimes leave scratches in the paint.

You can get around this problem by putting a small dot of hot glue on each corner of the mirror or picture frame - like a little wall bumper - to stop it from moving around - the glue is quite soft once it dries too so it will protect the walls too.

Fixing Glass And Mirrors Into Cabinets...
Wooden cabinets with glass or mirrored doors look great, but they can be a bit frustrating.

Usually, the glass is held in with some small clips, which are not particularly durable at all - over time they might come loose and then you get that annoying rattling sound whenever you open and close the doors.

Instead of using the small clips, if the glass or mirrors are fixed in with a glue gun by simply talking out the glass and putting a good amount of glue around the edge of the inside of the door where they sit and once the glue has set you should be able to open and close the door without any rattling.

If you need to change the glass later on you can use a heat gun to gently melt the glue and they will come right out.

Fixing Wobbly Furniture...
There’s nothing worse than a chair or table that is slightly wobbly.
Most of the time, it’s not damaged enough to be replaced but it is still annoying.

There are a few ways you can fix wobbly furniture and they usually involve simply adjusting the legs and adding rubber stoppers, if this doesn’t work though just get a penny and a hot glue gun instead and stick the coin onto the bottom of the leg and it should level it all out just fine.

You won’t be able to see the coin so it will look good as new.

Protecting Glass Surfaces...
Glass tables look great, but you have to be very careful with them because they are easily scratched and chipped especially if you put bowls or ornaments down on them without any protection on the bottom.

You can buy specially designed silicone pads to protect your glass tables, but you’ll get the same effect if you use a glue gun instead!

Just put a few dots on the bottom of whatever items you want to put on the table and let it dry.

Keeping Clothes On Hangers...
Some clothes just never seem to stay on the hanger, no matter what kind of hanger you use and it’s frustrating, especially when freshly washed - or worst still, freshly ironed - clothes end up in a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe.

But you can use a glue gun to solve that problem easily - pop a small bead of glue on the arm of the hanger on both sides, this will keep any clothes firmly in place and stop them from slipping off.

Bathroom Storage Solutions...
Having good storage is crucial in the bathroom.

You can’t create the relaxing space you would want in there if it is always cluttered, so you need to find some clever storage solutions - especially if you have a small bathroom.

Fixing things to the walls is a simple way to give yourself more storage space without taking up any floor space - small shelves to keep soap and other cleaning products will make it easier to stay on top of the mess.

Now if you are having trouble fixing ceramic soap dishes and other ceramic items to tiles, you can use hot glue to keep them in place while the adhesive sets.

You can also use a hot glue gun and some magnets to create clever storage options inside your bathroom cabinets.
Simply get a few small, round magnets and glue them to the inside of the door - this is perfect for organising things like tweezers or nail clippers and you can use the same trick anywhere in the house - it’s a brilliant way to make use of space that would normally be wasted otherwise.
People always think glue guns are just used for arts and crafts but that isn’t the case at all, in fact, they’re a great tool for everybody to have in their toolbox.

If you’re not very good at DIY and you normally try to avoid doing anything around the home, these glue gun hacks are a great place to start learning.

I'm certainly going to be putting mine to a few different uses now...

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