Sunday, 27 June 2021

Why Is My Car Shutting Down...?

Car breakdown is every driver’s nightmare, especially if it happens when on a long trip and especially with kiddies in tow.

The panic of expensive repairs then kicks in; however, the main reason your car broke down in the first place could well be very straightforward - so as much as ignoring simple car repairs can be easy, you must know that even the smallest of car problems can trigger a warning light at first and then worsen into a complete car breakdown.

You can avoid such problems by ensuring proper car maintenance and getting BMW Servicing for your BMW (or whatever car you drive obviously!)

However, car breakdowns are not a new thing, and the following are some of the reasons why your car might break down and things to try to avoid...

Faulty or Dead Batteries...

A faulty battery is one of the main reasons your car can break down. This problem arises primarily during long trips since your car battery has not had enough time to charge.

Leaving the lights on while playing the radio can quickly drain the battery charge too and this then affects the charging period and the battery life.

Additionally, your battery might die due to a poor electrical connection. Battery terminals tend to rust, and failure to clean them leads to a build-up of rust throughout the years.

Flat Tyre or Damaged Wheel...

The tyres of your car usually take a toll from the rough road conditions or they may burst (god, I hope not!) due to under-inflation or driving your vehicle over dangerous things like glass or nails.

Therefore, make sure that your car tyres are of the correct pressure, particularly when travelling long distances - you can find the appropriate car pressure in your car manuals.

But do note that if the tyres gradually lose air, it might be a sign of a slow puncture - always carry an extra tyre when driving and a puncture repair kit.

Alternator Issues...

Now, not a subject I know anything about but have you been in a situation where you have a new car battery, everything is fresh and set to go but your car won't actually start?

This doesn’t mean that the battery is faulty, the problem might be in the alternator - and (if like me you had zero clue) the alternator is usually responsible for keeping the battery charged by directing currents from the engine to the battery.

So, in case your engine starts heating up and the ignition lights on your dashboard light up, just don’t try to re-start the car - it could be a serious problem as it might indicate that the alternator belt or the water pump is faulty.

Worn-out Clutch Cables...

If you are like most drivers, you are overusing the clutch, doing things such as not putting your car in neutral when pulling up at the traffic lights...

So if you happen to notice any issues with your clutch pedal, make sure you go to your local garage and have it fixed - a broken clutch pedal can be very serious, so if it is damaged, ensure that you pull over to a safe place and call for help.

Using the Wrong Fuel for Your Car...

This might sound simple, but using the wrong fuel for your car can make it stop functioning.

If this happens to you - and I still check every single time I fill up what I should be putting in, even now - by the roadside remove the car key from the ignition, put it in neutral, and then call for assistance.

And the Bottom Line is...
There are many other reasons why you are might break down yet at the same time you cannot prevent them all.

You can however reduce the chances of breakdowns by caring for your car brakes, inspecting the basic car elements, and never ignoring your car’s check engine lights or any other warnings.

Safety first in all respects, right...

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