Wednesday, 6 October 2021

A Fab Trio Of Online Stores

Since we have all been inside for so long, shopping online for just about everything has become second nature - I think I'm on first name terms with my Amazon delivery driver these days...

No more do we need to venture outside to stores to see things in person, to touch and feel the different textures or smell various products for the first time - it's quite sad really, but we just don't have to do it.

There are shops online for everything and this post is a fab list of three amazing online wholesalers specifically for home items - they seem to cover every single notable category of home style and design item you could ever want...

~ Wayfair...

Wayfair is like the Amazon of all interior design styles and decor pieces - they have just about everything.

I noticed that there are some categories that have more depth than others, for example, their furniture, outdoor items and kitchen items are incredibly vast.

Areas where they are lacking tended to be rugs, bedding, decor, textiles and sometimes lighting.

Their selection of outdoor items was particularly impressive - they have the usual rattan furniture which you can have for your patios, but also things like garden arches and pots that would go well in a contemporary garden too.

~ Divan Beds Online...

If you want to order a brand new bed from top to bottom, from a bed specialist then head over to Order Divan Beds Online.

You can select just about everything - they have a range of affordable beds and mattresses but their top range is called the Penelope, which has 3,000 springs inside and are smaller and more cushioned than normal mattresses.

They also have a range of head rests, metal frames and ottoman designs which give you more storage space.

You may also find they have lots of accessories too such as headboard bolts which fix the head rests securely to walls too.

~ Furniture Village...

If you would like to change your living room with brand new decor, then you need to only visit Furniture Village.

They are as they sound - a village of all the best furniture things.

They have plush leather sofas, but also, individual seating for the corner of a room where you may wish to make a reading nook.

They also have great side tables made from oak and finished with a resin, so they look completely natural within a bare wood scheme. There is also fabric seating to try which is something different to what your home might be used to.

They have different styles of chairs too, such as winged, lounge, lay-back and contemporary minimalist.

Everything really.

These three interior design stores are very popular because they each offer something unique whilst still being similar...

~ Go to Wayfair for just about everything

~ Divan for your beds

~ Furniture Village for your household decor

Three online shop visits and your home is redesigned in full


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