Saturday 28 September 2013

Gates Academy Of Performing Arts

Having lived in Bradford all of my life, it's always pritty big news when someone from the town makes it into the world of the "rich and famous".

I for one love anyone who makes it "big" from Bradford, they help restore faith that no matter where you come from, or which direction you want to go in, if you have the right determination, you can get there. 
From Kimberly Walsh to Dynamo to Lunar C - they are all fantastic!

Well you have to show your support for "your own" now don't you.

Imagine then, my surprise/shock/gobsmacked-ness (delete as appropriate), when there I was, expecting yesterday to be just a normal working Friday, when I spotted non other than Bradford's own (and another one of my fav's) Mr Garath Gates wandering the school corridors!!

Now, I have to admit, at first I was a tad giddy, googly eyed and star struck- but then again, so was every other female member of staff that I came across.  We all seemed to revert back into our giggly-school-girl-alter egos.

Well, it's not everyday we have a little bit of excitement during the working week - I'm sure we can be forgiven for throwing ourselves into it all, full force!

When we approached Gareth en mass, he didn't flee (as he probably should have) or tell us "No" (again, as he probably should have), instead he was very gracious and professional and posed for lots of pictures and signed tonnes of autographs.


You may well be wondering by now, why on earth would Garath Gates want to be wandering around a high school in Bradford on a Friday afternoon.

Well, his visit was all in aid of his amazing new venture.

Garath was visiting local schools around Bradford to tell youngsters about the amazing Gates Academy of Performing Arts that he has founded himself.

The academy will be an amazing asset to young children aged between 5-16+ in and around the Bradford area.  It will give them an opportunity to follow their dreams and learn the various disciplines within the performance arts world, focusing on singing, dancing and acting.

Children will have the perfect opportunity to focus on their passions, hopefully giving them new opportunities to one day follow in the footsteps of the founder himself.

Yesterday, Garath treated the children...well, all of us some renditions of his songs, and gave the students (and staff) a chance to jump up and join in with him.  I'm not sure any of their voices quite matched up to Garath's, but everyone was having lots of fun and really enjoyed the moment.

Garath then took some time out to answer various questions the students threw at him.  It was all really laid back and informal - the kiddies loved it and it definitely made their day.

Garath's mum was also on hand to show her support.  She answered questions from the students too, and explained how Garath had worked hard to overcome his stammer so that he was able to follow his dreams and pursue the career he had always wanted -

He never gave up

I think this was the message that really hit home to the students.  The look of realisation on their faces was easy to spot - if Garath could overcome what he had, and still become successful, what was there to stop them?
It was a lovely moment

Bradford is full of amazingly talented young people, who just haven't had the chance, or the right people to guide them into exploring their talents fully.

With places like The Gates Academy, children will have that chance to excel and to be coached properly, giving them a real opportunity to grow, prosper and achieve.

Amazing Stuff!

Gates Academy Bradford
Location: Dixons City Academy
Ripley Street
BD5 7RR 
Telephone: 07971 043633

Having Garath Gates in school today really brightened up the day - and without a doubt this academy in Bradford will give lots of young people a chance to brighten their futures too

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