Saturday 4 April 2015

Presthaven - A Haven Holiday Prestige Caravan Kind Of Experience

Well that's it - the last suitcase is finally unpacked after my lovely four day break in North Wales earlier this week.

Yeah - I know - a tad lazy leaving unpacking until today, but sometimes, these things have to be done.

I think I deserved a lazy day yesterday.

I mean, yes, I was technically "on holiday", but with two nine year old boys to keep occupied and entertained it was never going to be a relaxing holiday now was it.

But it was fab.

It was a fun, busy-busy-busy kind of a break, certainly not relaxing...unless of course you count the couple of afternoons the weather got the better of us and we slobbed out on the sofa with loads of calorific goodies watching movies in front of the fire... that was relaxing...
(I may have even slipped in a few snoozes too...)

Naturally I know you'll be dying to hear all about my adventures...well...I'm dying to tell you all about them anyway...but the only possible way I can do that is to put everything across a few posts - there was just so much going on.

So what is this little post about?

Well, I have to start at the beginning don't I, and what better place than with the totally amazing accommodation that we stayed in.

It was a caravan but not a level of caravan-ness that I've ever had the pleasure of staying in before.

No, this caravan was a Prestige Level Caravan
(details here)

And my-oh-my, prestige it certainly was.

But let me set the scene a little bit...

A few months ago, after a few amazing emails with a lovely lady at Haven HQ, I was oh-so kindly offered a fab stay at a caravan at their Presthaven site in Prestatyn, North Wales
(find here)

Due to work commitments, my Hubby wasn't able to come with us - and trust me he certainly sulked about this - which meant that I would have to drive myself all that way...


I'm not usually one to drive long distances on my own, but there's no way I could turn down such an amazing opportunity, so off we went, early Monday morning, car totally crammed with cases and food, and do you know what, the drive wasn't that bad at all.

My trusty Samsung phone Sat Nav got us there without us getting lost at all.

~ Fantastic ~

Naturally, being the eager one that I am, we arrived at the Haven site about two hours before we were able to have access to our accommodation, but the staff were really friendly and insisted that we could use the facilities on site until the caravan was ready.

Everything was clean, very well maintained and I found plenty of parking spaces dotted around the site - which by the way was absolutely huge!

2pm rolled by and it was time to let ourselves into our home away from home...

Number 14 Denby Dunes here we come

And I don't think any of us expected the fabulousness that we were greeted with.

The kitchen was the first thing we stepped into

A "proper" oven, microwave, fridge-freezer, all fully stocked with utensils too - it was really rather fancy indeed.

There were lots of amazing bits too - all sourced from the very well stocked (and very handy) onsite Spar store - which certainly made our initial few hours totally stress free and helped make us as comfortable as possible.

I was very, very impressed and they were just what I needed...especially after a two hour drive, plus the two hour wait with two nine year olds...a coffee was very much needed  - as soon as was humanly possible...

Next up, was the living room and it certainly was comfortable - there was a huge corner sofa, a TV/DVD player and a very cosy electric fire to keep us warm and toasty

The patio doors and amount of windows in these rooms just made the whole space look really huge and very un-caravan like in my opinion.

The kiddies were desperate to check out their bedrooms, so we opened the door leading away from the kitchen, to be confronted with a pritty large corridor
(well, large for a caravan anyway)

My fifteen year old sister (who was holidaying with us too) looked bewildered and said,
"A corridor?  In a caravan..?!"
and then excitedly raced to the first door...

...which was the master double bedroom, which me and my sis were planning on sharing...

It was all made up and again, seemed huge.

The in-built wardrobe had plenty of hanging and shelved space inside and there was also a small vanity area, complete with mirror and stool - the perfect make-up application area...

Beauty bloggers - caravans are thinking of everything!

To the surprise of us all, the next two doors housed two bedrooms both with two identical sized single beds, and plenty of storage - my sister ended up with her own bedroom after all - no sharing required for us.

Further exploration then uncovered a room containing a toilet and small sink - again with plenty of under-sink storage - and another bathroom with a toilet, shower and a sink unit.

I mean, really, does UK holidaying accommodation get much better?

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two toilets, full home-from-home comforts, central heating in every room (including both of the loos) and enough space to sleep up to eight people (the living room sofa pulled out into a bed with a spare quilt provided).

I was in awe and the boys, well, they were totally beside themselves with excitement.

They were running around opening cupboards, making dens under the beds (boys will be boys after all!) - I think in the ten minutes we spent checking out our accommodation I must have been given five or six excited hugs as they rushed past me, keen to check out anything else they may have missed.

And this was before we'd even ventured out of the caravan.

I totally understood how they felt though, it was very lovely indeed and I really can't sing it's praises enough.

I'm in no way a holiday accommodation snob (my Husband may disagree with this!) but I do like things to be of a good standard, clean and with an added bit of luxury too I suppose especially when I am away from home
(well, I am on holiday too aren't I...!)

Thanks to Haven, with this amazing caravan, I certainly got my little bit of holiday-poshness.

The staff were brilliant too - I had a little issue with the lock on the caravan door at one point so I phoned reception and literally within minutes of putting the phone down a lovely member of staff was knocking on the door and he changed the lock within minutes, totally eliminating the problem in no time with minimum fuss - exactly what you want when on your hols!

I will certainly be booking again really soon and I will be staying in this level of caravan again...if not trying out one of the even more superior ones...

...Yeah, OK, I'll admit it, I am an accommodation snob, but what can I say, I was very spoilt by Haven, and if I'm honest, I very much do love to be spoilt...

Thanks Haven - you made four people very comfortable, very relaxed and very happy.

And I promise there will be more posts very soon detailing more of the Presthaven goodness.

I hope you enjoy!

* mini-break provided free of charge. All photographs, thoughts & opinions are 100% my own

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