Thursday 21 November 2013

W7 Makeup Haul

I've come to love that moment when the postman is spotted wandering down my street, because I just can't help but hope and pray that he will have a fantastic little package especially for me.

He very recently actually did meet up to these very high expectations (he often (very often!) disappoints I'm afraid because he tends to bring me nothing but bills...yak) by delivering a very lovely surprise, in the form of some loot from the lovely people at W7.

W7 are a fairly new, up and coming make up brand, who are currently in the process of adding the finishing touches to their website.

Which I don't doubt will have me spending a fortune...

W7 stock cosmetics galore - from nail polish to bronzers to concealer to lip-gloss - they have everything a girl could possibly need.

And they have already featured in Reveal Magazine

So naturally, this little gift from the postie had me doing a happy dance whilst I dashed inside, very eager to cast my beedy eyes over everything.

Excitement overload.

First up, I found this very eye catching, bright packaged, "Eyelust"  mascara.

I'm a tad rubbish at wearing mascara everyday, but I am definitely not a fan of my teeny tiny rubbishy eyelashes, so when this fluorescent tube fell into my hands, I got straight to it.

The applicator is quite thick and picks up just the right amount of mascara, and it makes application really quick and easy.

It worked wonders on my lashes and I even had comments from my work colleagues at how nice my eyes looked.
Naturally, after compliments, this is now in the "daily use" section of my make up bag - I love it.

Next up is this very bright pink, very glittery blusher.

Now, I do wear a blusher daily, but usually one that is not as bright or as glitzy as this one.
I would definitely have to save this for nights out when I want a little bit of sparkle.

To tame the pink down a little, I made sure that I used the blusher very sparingly - just a little dab on my blusher brush, gave a rosy finish and avoided the dreaded clown look.

A little goes a  l-o-n-g  way!

It is very, very girly.

Another extremely girly item was this hot pink lipstick.

The colour is very bold, and very, very pink.

So pink in fact that I have to admit, I wasn't brave enough to go all out and try this myself.
I'm a little bit of a lipstick-phobe and only purchased my very first one recently (see here), plus I don't think my skin tone would have done this any justice at all.

But not to worry - my little sister saw it and claimed it immediately anyway - and it does look very pretty on her.

One of my favourite pieces from the haul was this dark grey eye-shadow, which too, has added sparkly glitter.

I initially thought this would be a very dark colour on the skin, but in fact it was quite pale, which I really liked.
Building it up in layers did help to give a more dramatic look though if desired - it is perfect to help create a smokey eye effect.

And whilst we're on the subject of eyes, this waterproof brow pen is something I would never even have contemplated buying before.

I have really dark brown eyebrows (so the pen matched perfectly) which are quite thick anyway, so adding to them with a brow pen never even occurred to me.

However, I am proven wrong.

Using this pen, a little apprehensively at first I might add, helped to define my brows more, and really improved how they looked.

Definitely my surprise product of the day.

Last but not least, we have this cover stick with tea tree oil.

I somehow constantly put off buying a cover stick and then always end up regretting it when the dreaded spot outbreaks begin.

This one was really easy to use, and it covered imperfections brilliantly.  I dusted my usual bronzer over the top, and it disguised the cover up really well.

And because it has tea tree within it naturally, this helps to eliminate and control the spot breakouts anyway  which is a bonus.

Oh - and it smells really fresh and clean too.

So a massive thank you from me to W7!

My make up bag is full to bursting with all of these lovely things.

I think I'll need to invest in a new one in time for the website launch

*Samples provided for review

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