Thursday 12 December 2013

My Beautiful New Look Boots


I've been clothes shopping!

My wardrobe was beginning to resemble some junk-filled holey disaster zone, but thanks to my birthday, I had some spare cash that I was able to justify spending on myself.

So I hit the shops and spent the lot in a weekend, Ooopsie...but I did buy some lovely bits - which I'm sure to tell you all about over a few upcoming posts.

The first being right now.


Many moons ago - well about seven years ago -  I used to work in my local New Look and I loved it.
I've always liked the things they have to offer, but to be honest, its rare that I venture in there anymore.

But I'm so glad I did this weekend.

New Look were having a little bit of a sale and I managed to pick up a lovely printed body-con dress, a monochrome tube skirt, a lovely pale pink fluffy jumper and some fabulous ankle boots.

The boots are amazing and were my absolute favourite item of the day, plus they were a total steal at only £20.99.
They have a little bit of a heel, so they smarten up any outfit, whilst still being comfortable enough to wear everywhere.
They also help fuel my love affair with all things studded, as they have a slightly fierce, spiked heel detail.

I just love them.

Even though I'm usually a size six in shoes, these are a size five and they fit me, they were the last pair on the shelf and a lady was eyeballing me, obviously waiting for me to put them down so she could snaffle them for herself, so they were definitely coming home with me...even if a portion of my big toe had to be chopped off to get them on.

I wore the dress and boots with thick black tights and some spikey bangles for my son's rugby presentation on Saturday night and I loved the smart-casual look.

Thanks New Look!

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