Wednesday 26 March 2014

Pink #rainbownails

Wow, these weeks are sure flying by - it's time for all things pink this week in Kelly's brill #rainbownails.

I've been looking forward to this week to be honest, because a while ago I bought a very lovely pink Barry M Hi-Shine polish and haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet (see here).

I really love that it is named "Dragon" too and it retails at a reasonable £3.99.

The condition of my nails has improved so much now after having acrylic nails on for such a long time, so I knew I wouldn't need coats and coats of this to cover up the dents and roughness of my nails - and I was correct - one coat was enough, and although I did like the very subtle baby pink colour this gave me, I wanted something a little bit darker.

So I opted for two coats.


The polish is fairly thin, but not in a way that it is dripping all over creating untold amounts of mess, and it dries to leave a beautiful, glossy finish.

And it's very pink - which I love...what more can I say.

Now, when I signed up for #rainbownails, I had every intention of getting all creative and producing some little fantastic mini-masterpieces on my nails (ahem!), but I now have to hold my pink tipped hands up and admit defeat.

I just can't do it.

I have attempted cute little white flowers, dark pink zig-zags - everything - on this lovely pink background and everything looked horrid and just had to be removed, and the painting started all over again from the beginning.

No more!

I have decided that less is most certainly more in my case and that it is more than likely that from here on in, this weekly project is just going to be my excuse to trial out lovely nail polish and make sure I have cute looking nails, if only for a few days.

It certainly will not be an occasion to show off my arty skills - because I have none.

I'm just rubbish!

But - arty or not, I still love my pink nails

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